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Jimmy Cruise
Biographical information
Gender Male
Relatives Rachel Cruise (sister) tempest (ancestor)
Friends Sho Tenma, Jin Ryu, Leon Fierce, Ricky Gills, Armes Navy, Task Landau
Behind the scenes
First anime appearance BeyRaiderz - Episode 01

Jimmy Cruise is a protagonist in the animated series BeyRaiderz. He is the younger brother of Rachel Cruise. The two of them travel together.

Physical Appearance

Jimmy is a small boy with dark green hair and brown eyes. His clothes are mostly green.


Jimmy is a cheerful child who is quick to talk to people and make friends. He cares a lot for his older sister, who has a great relationship with him. Like Rachel, he wants to bring hope back to the world to apologize for his ancestor Tempest bad actions in the past.  



Jimmy and Rachel join Sho on his journey

Jimmy and Rachel encounter Sho Tenma when he has a fight with some treasure hunters. They recognize that he has a Beyraider and because of that they go along with him and the treasure hunters to an old ruin. After seeing Sho battle there, the siblings decide to travel with him.


  • Jimmy usually cooks for his sister and himself.
  • After Gigante, he is the second character to have a older sibling.
  • His and his sister surname, "Cruise", seems to be based on the fact that the two have been guiding the group through their journey.
  • He is probably the only male character who doesn't own a Beywheelz or a Beyraiderz.


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