Jisedai Bēgoma Battle Beyblade (次世代ベーゴマバトル ベイブレード) was the very first video game released, it also acted a proto-type for many of the concepts of the Beyblade franchise and was released in conjunction with the first set of 3 Beyblades ever produced Ultimate Dragoon, Frostic Dranzer and Saizo. It is the very first installment of the Beyblade franchise, followed by the manga Bakuten Shoot Beyblade.


Compared to the rest of the Beyblade franchise, this game represents some unique ideas and concepts that were never carried on into the main Beyblade series itself. It bears more of a resemblance to Pokémon in style and is the only game within the Beyblade franchise which is a true "J-RPG" style. The player goes around the storyline collecting bits and beyblade parts while fighting enemies and progressing throught the game. Each bit-beast has its own unique attack (though some do nothing until their bits upgrade themselves) and like Pokémon certain ones also evolve when the bits reach a certain experience (there are 3 stages like Pokemon). Before each match, the player selects the order they wish to use each bit in, the match is done as a best 2 out of 3.

During battle, a player controlled a spining top, which they viewed from head downwards on the arena. Each top had a slowly decaying spin cycle and when they knocked into each other, they bounced off each other. The arena itself had a boundaries line, hitting the barriers too many times would weaken the barriers until they gave way, at this pioint it was possible for either you or your foe's beyblades to be knocked out of the arena, losing the round.

This particular game gave much more freedom and control to the player in this style then following GBC games and it was even possible to complete the game without much adaption to playing style once you worked out its mechanics and/or the Bit-beasts attack style of you and your enemy.



  • Takao - an elementary school boy who has become a legend for his Beyblade skills. He lives in Beyside City. He enters the school tournament to obtain his WBC (World Beyblade Championship) license and enter the world tournament.
  • Kurumi - Takao's childhood friend, she has just begun to get interested in Beyblade.
  • Rokumaru - Takao's childhood friend. Takao's acting coach, though is physically weak. Takao first starts to interact with him when he was sick and house bound, Takao gave him a Beyblade.
  • Kai - a boy who hates Beyblade and wants to make it disappear.
  • Jin - a skill and mysterious Beyblader.


  • Aside from the characters of Kai, Tyson and Hiro, virtually nothing made this game into the future versions of the Beyblade franchises. However, a great number of the Initial System are based on the Beyblade and bits of this game.
  • In the early 2000's in countries such as the UK, when Beyblade was at the height of its craze on rare occursions fake beyblades often carried some of the bit-beasts seen in this game. This wasn't the only game to see its bit-beasts appear on fakes; bit beasts from the 2000 game Beyblade Fighting Tournament game also commonly made appearances.
  • Despite being featured in art with his face paint, Kai's in-game avatar doesn't have any facepaint on it.
  • The characters do not have family names in this version.
  • When the manga was first released, it matched closely to events of the game, covering Tyson's period wherein he fought Kai. The manga influence from this game was short lived (being a mere few chapters) and although Kai and Tyson use their final Bits Beyblades Spin Dragoon and Ultimate Frostic Dranzer in the manga, the events leaned towards the following video game Beyblade Fighting Tournament.
  • Though given as a starter Bit, the player can choose to ignore raising the bit from its starter to final "Spin Dragoon" form and instead use other bits he collects in the game. Unlike Kai who always ends up with his signature Bit ultimate Frostic Dranzer.
  • The Pokémon-esque design of the game was not uncommon. Hudson had produced several games aside from this one that started out as Pokémon-style games, including Robopon
  • Not all bit-chip attacks were all that useful. For example Tyson faces one blader whose bit-beast produces a massive hole in the center of the dish, leaving only the outer area left. However, due to a AI error, it was fully possible for the Blader who used it to knock the center out and with it their own beyblade still within the area. If the player happens to have Tyson's beyblade on the left over area outside the hole, it leads to a victory with very little effort.


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