Sword Flames Symbol with Xhaka

Alexander "Xander" Shakadera (Kaiza Xhakuenji, 灼炎寺カイザ; Shakuenji Kaiza), also known as Xhaka (シャカ, Shaka) in the Japanese version, is a recurring character who appears in the anime and manga series, Beyblade Burst. He is a member of the Four Spinning Emperors as well as the leader and founder of his own team, Sword Flames. His Beyblade is Xcalius X2 Magnum Impact.


Xander is very tall, reaching 186 cm (about 6'1"ft) and has red orange spiked hair and red eyes. He also has a muscular build due to his martial arts background. His regular attire consists of a tight black top which exposes his midriff, with a red fur-trim vest which has a belt-type fastener at the bottom over it. He wears brown pants with two red stripes at the ends of each leg, a yellow belt, and black gauntlets over his arms.


Xander is very bombastic and cheerful. He trains hard, and is a big eater. In a way, he's quite similar to Valt. He expresses his fighting spirit through laughter, but is shown to abandon even this in the face of the most serious of battles and situations.



Beyblade Burst (anime)

Beyblade Burst (manga)



Beyblade Burst (anime)
Opponent Episode Result
Valt Aoi 16-17 Win (3-0)
Rantaro Kiyama 17 Win (2-0)
Ken Midori 21 Win (2-0)
Valt Aoi 21 Win (4-1)
Quon Kimidori 29 Unknown (flashback)
Unknown Blader 30 Win (2-0)
Wakiya Murasaki 33 Win (2-0)
Katana Sakaki 43 Win (2-0)
Unknown Blader 44 Win (2-0)
Valt Aoi 46 Lose (2-4)
Beyblade Burst (manga)
Opponent Chapter Result
Unnamed bladers 06 Win
Valt Aoi 08 Win (2-0)



  • According to Hiro Morita on his Twitter page, Xander is the only character to undergo a change in expression between the anime and manga.
  • Xander could be seen as the Burst counterpart to Dashan Wang, due to the fact that both are the leaders of their respective teams and are highly trained in martial arts.
  • His Beyblade, Xcalius X2 Magnum Impact, is named after Xenovia from High School DXD, whom also holds Excalibur. In that anime, Xander's seiyu, Rikiya Koyama, also voiced Azazel.
  • Xander's English voice actor, Andrew Francis, also voices Shining Armor in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
  • Due to the fact that he is from martial artist family and his beyblade has a royal European knight theme, it refers to Ayato Amagiri from The Asterisk Wars and Ikki Kurogane from Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry, who also came from a martial artist family, and both have a main heroine from royal families in Europe.


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