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Kevin Cheng


Kevin Cheng

Japanese Name キョウジュ
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English Voice Actor Lyon Smith
First Appearance Beyblade Episode 9
Appears in Beyblade 2000 , G Revolution
Age 12 (Beyblade 2000)

14 (Beyblade G-Revolution)

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Team White Tigers

White Tiger X

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Beyblade Galman

Galman 2

Beast Galman
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Kevin is the shortest member of the White Tigers. Kevin is the fastest Beyblader around and that includes his mouth. His taunting tactics not only annoy, but also provoke his rivals. And when facing off against another team, it's Kevin who provides both physical and verbal distractions from the battle at hand.

He's a little misunderstood and not very respected. He cares a lot for his teammates, but they lose his trust if he feels they've
betrayed him
(which is what happens with Ray Kon)

But he is sometimes quite willing to forgive. He'll go to a long length of stealing and nasty tricks to get revenge on people. And he'd never risk losing his Bit-beast.

Kevin in other season


"You're a disgrace!"

(To Tyson): "You totally look like the weakest link"


  • There is some controversy over whether the White Tiger members are human or neko-jins (cat people). However, Kevin tends to act more like a monkey than a cat.
  • His bit-beast, Galman, has been confiscated by Lee as punishment for attempting to steal the floppy disk of the the data of the Bladebreakers.
  • Kevin is apparently Gary's little cousin.

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