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Klaus Trans
Biographical information
Aliases George
Gender Male
Current Beyblade(s) Grand Capricorn 145D
Friends Julian Konzern, Sophie & Wales
Rivals Masamune Kadoya
Occupation(s) Member of Team Excalibur
Behind the scenes
First anime appearance Axe of Destruction
Seiyū Hisao Egawa
English voice actor Carman Melville

Klaus (Original version: George) is a recurring character in the Metal Saga, first appearing in the anime and manga series, Beyblade: Metal Masters. Klaus is the muscle of Team Excalibur. He is known as having the strongest launch in the world with his Grand Capricorn 145D. He represents Germany in the European Union and in the Festival of Warriors. He is also known as the "Axe of Destruction" by most of Europe.

Physical Appearance

Klaus is a broad young man, with brown hair and brown eyes. He is very muscular. He has light brown highlights in the sides of his hair. Klaus wears a bright gold pendant around his neck, and wears a dark green dress shirt under a black jacket with brown/orange designs. He wears a unique belt with several gold buckles and brown pants. He also has orange ankle braces that go over his black dress and shoes.


Klaus is a very proud and strong individual. He is known for his physical prowess but does have a sensitive side towards his team, caring about them above all else. Klaus also has a strong sense of loyalty, vowing to fight hard for his team and is highly disappointed by defeat.

Beyblade: Metal Masters

Klaus represents Germany, having obtained a spot in the European team as its representative. He made his stage debut against Team Wang Hu Zhong, having stood out of the previous matches won by Julian Konzern. He faced Chi-yun Li after his teammates Sophie and Wales had already won their first match. Klaus easily takes the match against Chi-yun and even during the course of the match, Chi-yun tried his mightiest but Klaus simply dominated him, thought he respected the effort.
Chi-yun faces Klaus

Klaus battles his first match of the tournament against Chi-yun Li

Team Excalibur returned to Julian's mansion for training, where Klaus was tag teamed and defeated by Sophie and Wales for practice. But during this training, Tsubasa of Japan's GanGan Galaxy challenged Julian, but Klaus and the twin jewels caught wind of this in time to stop Tsubasa and a mysterious Blader named Ryuga.

Excalibur went on the face GanGan Galaxy as scheduled, Klaus to face Masamune Kadoya in the first round. The axe against the spear, Masamune pushed Klaus to the edge several times, using pin point attacks rather than brute force. Klaus was forced to pull out all the stops in order to battle and finally defeat Masamune, exhausting himself into a coma. Because of this, he missed the second round match but woke up to view Julian's match against Gingka Hagane. To their surprise, Julian was defeated by Gingka's superior ability, forcing Excalibur to train harder to avoid being knocked from the tournament.
Klaus thanks Masamune

Klaus thanks Masamune for an exceptional battle

In their next match in the Semi-Finals, Team Excalibur is to face the American Team, Team Star Breaker. In the first match, Klaus battles against the uncanny Jack. Try as he might, Klaus strength was no match for Jack's mysterious arts, as Klaus was just made into another one of Jack's works. Klaus was ultimately dominated by Jack's skills, even after exceeding his limits he was childs play for the strange Blader. Because Klaus once again passed out, he missed the match where all of his teammates were dominated by one man, Damian Hart.

Because of the humiliating loss, Dr. Ziggurat stole everything from Julian and forced him to work for Hades. Soon after this he announced the Spiral Force, seeking for a leader, Team Excalibur searched to find Julian, but during Hades City's launch Klaus had to stay behind for his team to continue to victory.

Beyblade: Metal Fury


Battle Record

Beyblade: Metal Masters
Chi-yun Li Win
Sophie & Wales Lose
Masamune Kadoya Win
Jack Lose


In the Anime Series, Grand Capricorn 145D is Klaus's Bey.

Special Moves

  • Claw of the Storm: Klaus First special move, which has 3 different levels of power. He first used this move in episode 25 of Beyblade: Metal Masters against Chi-yun Li.
  • Steel Darkness: Klaus' Second and most powerful special move. He first used this move in episode 25 of Beyblade: Metal Masters against Chi-yun Li.


  • He isn't seen during the Festival of Warriors, so he didn't see GanGan Galaxy fight his fellow team members.
  • Despite being a very large guy, he is very agile, as seen when he flips over a group of reporters that are bothering Konzern.
  • Although having the strongest launch power in the world, he is only Team Excalibur's sub member.
  • The highlights on Klaus' head resemble the horns of his bey, Capricorn.
  • ´Klaus´ and ´Georg´ are two very typical german names.


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