Kumasuke Kumade is a semi-recurring character in the metal saga, debuting in Beyblade: Metal Fusion as an antagonist.

He is the eldest and strongest of the Kumade Brothers who formerly worked for the Dark Nebula. His brothers are Kumata and Kumaji who all work together with their Rock Orso D125B.

Physical Appearance


He along with his brothers generally look quite 'lumberman-like', and they are obviously very stubborn. As brothers, also, they do get angry at each other for simple things like losing. Both the younger brothers look up to Kumasuke.

Beyblade: Metal Fusion



Kumasuke has the original Orso beyblade with the colored mud brown Orso Energy Ring and the Camo Green D125 Spin Track and Camo Green B tip.

Special Moves



  • Their names are basically full of 'kuma', which is Japanese for 'bear'.
  • Kumasuke bears a striking resemblance to Benkei.
  • In the English dub, Kumasuke has a Russian accent, where the bear is a national personification.
  • He was the first character in the anime that is seen using an Orso Beyblade.
  • He is listed as one of Japan's top 20 Bladers.
  • His character and beyblade are references to the constellation Ursa Major.

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