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Beyblade 4D Opening 2 Ending Scene
The ancestors of the 5 solar system bladers

The Legendary Bladers (Japanese: レジェンドダーズ, Rejendo Bureda) are a group of bladers that appear in the anime and manga series, Beyblade: Metal Fury.

The group consists of 10 bladers. These bladers carry a piece of the Star Fragment enchanted inside their Beyblades. This small fragment, reveals that their owners are in fact, Legendary Bladers. They have been destined with the fact the God of Destruction, Nemesis, is waiting to be revived and when and if that happens, the Legendary Bladers will be there to fight.

They completed their mission when they, along with all other bladers in the world, gave Gingka Hagane, the ultimate power he needed to destroy Nemesis and save the world from an apocalypse. Now, seven years later, they are scouring the world with a new mission: to introduce the game of Beyblade to new bladers for the future.

Legendary Bladers

Legendary Blader Legendary Beyblade Group Aura
Gingka Hagane Cosmic Pegasus F:D Bladers of the Four Seasons Blue (1-51)
Gold (52)
Kyoya Tategami Fang Leone 130W²D Bladers of the Four Seasons Green
Chris Phantom Orion B:D Bladers of the Four Seasons Pink
Ryuga L-Drago Destructor F:S Bladers of the Four Seasons Orange
Kenta Yumiya Flash Sagittario 230WD Bladers of the Four Seasons Orange
Yuki Mizusawa Mercury Anubis 85XF Solar System Bladers Indigo
Tithi Death Quetzalcoatl 125RDF Solar System Bladers Yellow
King Variares D:D Solar System Bladers Red
Dynamis Jade Jupiter S130RB Solar System Bladers Violet
Aguma Scythe Kronos T125EDS Solar System Bladers Purple
Rago Diablo Nemesis X:D The Child of Nemesis

Dark Purple/Black

Legendary Blader controversy

The original Legendary Bladers?
EdBoy3Added by EdBoy3

There is a popular controversy regarding the Legendary Bladers which states that, at the beginning, the confirmed Legendary Bladers excluding Gingka Hagane, Kyoya Tategami, and Ryuga were not supposed to become the Legendary Bladers seen today.

This is supported due to an image of the Legendary Bladers that was seen at the end of Beyblade: Metal Fury's second episode, Legendary Blader. Gingka Hagane and Kyoya Tategami were two of the ten shown, the rest are described as:

(Gingka's side; left-to-right)

(Kyoya's side; left-to-right)



  • All Stamina-Type Legendary Beyblades sided with Nemesis at one point during the battle, with the exception of Flash Sagittario 230WD, who had not become legendary before the climactic battle.
  • The Bladers of the Four Seasons have features that resemble their respective season.
    • Gingka Hagane's hair colour represents autumn.
    • Kyoya Tategami's hair represents spring.
    • Chris's name is seen in the winter holiday, Christmas.
    • Kenta Yumiya and Ryuga's element of their Beyblades are considered to be fire, which comments on summer's heat.
  • The Solar System Bladers also have features that resemble their said planet.
    • Yuki Mizusawa is small like Mercury.
    • Tithi's hair color resembles Venus' pinkish-purplish atmosphere.
    • King's shirt is red like Mars.
    • Dynamis is wise and seems to be the eldest like the Roman description of Jupiter and since Jupiter is the biggest planet in our Solar System.
    • Aguma is "strong" like Saturn, his scarf resembles Saturn's rings, and Kronos the name of his bey, is the greek name for Saturn.
  • Gingka Hagane, Kenta Yumiya, Kyoya Tategami, and Ryuga were the only Legendary Bladers that made a debut prior to Beyblade: Metal Fury.
    • Coincedentally, all of them were, at some point, Bladers of the Four Seasons.
  • Yuki Mizusawa's Mercury Anubis 85XF is the only Legendary Beyblade that cannot change modes and is the only Legendary Beyblade that doesn't utilize the 4D System.
  • Out of all the Legendary Bladers, King and Gingka both use their legend auras the most.
    • Similarly yet oddly, rather than often like the others, Dynamis and Tithi's legend aura was not shown much and so far only appear in one episode (Tithi's legend aura was only shown in Quetzalcoatl, the Venus God, while Dynamis' legend aura was only shown in Flash Sagittario).
      • However, Tithi uses his Legend Aura much longer than Dynamis, so it can be concluded if Dynamis' Legend Aura was shown less than the others. Its appearance is even less than a minute.
  • There are 11 Legendary Bladers, 2 share the same fragment - Ryuga and Kenta.
  • Some of them are known to have strange powers, such as Ryuga has an ability to teleport and Dynamis able to bring his opponents to hallucinations.
  • From all of them, Tithi is the only one who never suffered a loss so far (albeit being eliminated from a battle).
    • Out of the Bladers of the 4 seasons. Kyoya's Fang Leone is the only one without a 4D bottom.
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