Lin Kon is a minor character that only appears in the final chapter of the original Beyblade manga. She is Ray and Mariah's daughter and appears briefly in the final chapter, battling in a tournament with Tyson's son Makoto and Kai's son Goh.

Physical Apperance

Lin looks like a mix of both Ray and Mariah, without too many differences from either since Ray, Mariah and Lee come from the same clan.

Her clothing style is Chinese.

Personality and Characteristics

Lin has a strong spirit and temper which Tyson says, is from her mother.


Beyblade (Manga)

Rin is seen defeating an unknown blader. Ray and Mariah both express their pride at seeing her win.

Lin and Ray

DJ Daichi compliments her, saying that she's powerful for someone so tiny, which insults her. She kicks Daichi's left leg, telling him that what he said is a rude thing to say to a girl. Mariah reprimands her when she tries to run.


The name Lin means "pretty" in Latin.

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