This is a list of chapters of the Bakuten Shoot Beyblade manga, and the respective volumes in which they were collected. The names of the Chapters are only shown in the shinshoban volumes. When they are originally released in CoroCoro Comics the chapters do not have titles.

Volume List

Volume Cover/ISBN Chapters Japanese Release Date English Release Date

Bakuten Shoot Beyblade manga V1 cover
ISBN 4-09-141403-6
ISBN 9-78-159116-621-4

SP. The Invincible Beyblader
Muteki No Beibureedaa
01. Go Shoot! Battle Start!!
Go Shuuto! Batoru Kaishi!!
『GOシュート! バトル開始!!』
02. Don't Hand Over Dragoon!!
Doraguun Ha Watasanai!!
03. The Beyblade Legend
Densetsu No Beibureedo
04. Hidden Secret In The Blue Dragon
Seiryuu Nikakusareta Himitsu
05. Meeting With Max!!
Makkusu Tono Deai!!

January 28, 2000 October 5, 2004

Bakuten Shoot Beyblade manga V2 cover
ISBN 4-09-141404-4
ISBN 9-78-159116-697-9

06. Battle attention, Takao VS Max
Chuumoku Batoru , Takao Vs Makkusu
07. Champion gathering!! Battle Tournament
Kyougou Shuuketsu!! Batorutoonamento
『強豪集結!! バトルトーナメント』
08. Fierce Battle! The Newly-Equipped Draciel
Sekitou! Shinheiki Dorashieru
『激闘! 新兵器ドラシエル』

July 1, 2000 November 2, 2004

Bakuten Shoot Beyblade manga V3 cover
ISBN 4-09-141405-2
ISBN 9-78-159116-705-1

09. Legend Of The Fourth, Awakening!!
Daiyon No Densetsu, Obose I!!
10. Fierce Battle Again!! Takao Vs Kai
Gekitou Futatabi!! Takao Vs Kai
『激闘再び!! タカオVsカイ』
11. "Grand Battle, Settled At Last!!
Souzetsu Batoru, Tsuini Kecchaku!!
12. To The Land Of Legends!!
Densetsu No Chi He... !!

December 25, 2000 February 16, 2005

English Covers

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