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This is the list of BeyWheelz: Powered by Beyblade mini-series episodes, which debuted on August 11, 2012. The series follows Sho Tenma, Jin Ryu, Leon Fierce, and eventually Marche Ovis, Covey Horn, and Nicole Spears, the members who make up Team Estrella as they combat the Dominators. The Dominators are an evil team wishing to take over and dominate the world of BeyWheelz.


# Image English Title Original Airdate
01 BeywheelzEpisode1NewGeneration New Generation August 11, 2012
02 BeywheelzEpisode2TheDominatorsAttack! The Dominators Attack! August 11, 2012
03 The Fateful Tag Team Battle The Fateful Tag-Team Battle! August 18, 2012
04 The Wheeler of the Wilderness The Wheeler of the Wilderness August 18, 2012
05 BeyWheelzEpisode5Race!TheBeyWheelzGrandPrix Race! The Beywheelz Grand Prix August 25, 2012
06 BeyWheelzEpisode6JudgmentBeyBegins! Judgment Bey Begins! August 25, 2012
07 BeyWheelzEpisode7TheLawoftheDominators The Law of the Dominators September 1, 2012
08 BeyWheelzEpisode8AvengerontheIce Avenger on the Ice September 1, 2012
09 BeyWheelzEpisode9ThePhoenixvsTheWhiteDragon The Phoenix vs. The White Dragon September 8, 2012
10 BeyWheelzEpisode10FierceFight!ABattleoftheSpirit Fierce Fight! A Battle of the Spirit September 8, 2012
11 BeyWheelzEpisode11TheShockingTruth The Shocking Truth September 22, 2012
12 BeyWheelzEpisode12TheWheelerBond The Wheeler Bond September 29, 2012
13 BeyWheelzEpisode13ANewWorld A New World October 6, 2012

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