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This is an episode listing for the Beyblade Burst anime. Episodes air every Monday at 5:55pm JST on TV Tokyo. The story revolves around Valt Aoi and his classmates as they fight their way through tournaments with their eyes set on the title of "World's #1 Blader"!

In Japan, the opening theme for this season is "Burst Finish!", performed by Tatsuyuki Kobayashi, while the ending theme is "Believe", performed by Shiklamen.

In the English dub, the opening theme for this season is "Our Time", performed by Steven Allerick Chen. The ending theme an instrumental version of the same theme.

# Image Title Release Date
01 BurstE01 Titlecard English Let's Go! Valtryek!
Ikō ze! Varukirī!!
JapanFlag April 4, 2016
Flag of Canada September 10, 2016

US: December 19, 2016

02 BurstE02 Titlecard English Kerbeus: Guard Dog of the Underworld!
Meikai no Banken! Kerubeusu!!
JapanFlag April 11, 2016
Flag of Canada September 11, 2016

US: December 20, 2016

03 BurstE03 Titlecard English Blast off! Rush Launch!
Bakuretsu! Rasshu Shūto!!
JapanFlag April 18, 2016
Flag of Canada September 17, 2016

US: December 22, 2016

04 BurstE04 Titlecard English Beyblade Club: Let's Get Started!
Beiburēdo Kurabu wo tsukuru ze!
JapanFlag April 25, 2016
Flag of Canada September 18, 2016

US: December 23, 2016

05 BurstE05 Titlecard English Into the Darkness! Dark Doomscizor
Shinigami Kōrin! Shikkoku no Desusaizā!!
JapanFlag May 2, 2016
Flag of Canada September 24, 2016

US: December 24, 2016

06 BurstE06 Titlecard English Get Ready! Crash Course
Taero! Kore ga Tokkun da!!
JapanFlag May 9, 2016
Flag of Canada September 25, 2016

US: December 26, 2016

07 BurstE07 Titlecard English The Flash Launch! It's Crazy Fast!
Chousoku! Furasshu Shuuto!!
JapanFlag May 16, 2016
Flag of Canada October 1, 2016

US: December 27, 2016

08 BurstE08 Titlecard English A Powerful Opponent! Hyper Horusood!
Kyōteki! Tenkū no Horusūdo!!
JapanFlag May 23, 2016
Flag of Canada October 2, 2016

US: December 28, 2016

09 BurstE09 Titlecard English Wyvron in the Way!
Tachihadakaru Waibān!
JapanFlag May 30, 2016
Flag of Canada November 26, 2016

US: December 29, 2016

10 BurstE10 Titlecard English Get Over It! Trust in Valtryek!
Norikoero! Varukirī wo Shinjite!!
JapanFlag June 6, 2016
Flag of Canada December 3, 2016

US: December 30, 2016

11 BurstE11 Titlecard English Spryzen's Despair!
Zetsubō no Supurigan
JapanFlag June 13, 2016
Flag of Canada December 10, 2016

US: December 31, 2016

12 BurstE12 Titlecard English Shield Crash Menace!
Kyōi no Shīrudo Kurasshu!
JapanFlag June 20, 2016
Flag of Canada December 17, 2016

US: January 7, 2017

13 BurstE13 Titlecard English Shu's Test!
Shu no Shiren!
JapanFlag June 27, 2016
Flag of Australia December 21, 2016

US: January 14, 2017

14 BurstE14 Titlecard English The Battle We Promised!
誓いの決勝戦 ( バトル ) !
Chikai no Batoru!
JapanFlag July 4, 2016
Flag of Australia December 22, 2016
15 BurstE15 Titlecard English A Fierce Battle! Valtryek Versus Spryzen!
Gekitō! Varukirī VS Supurigan!!
JapanFlag July 11, 2016
Flag of Australia December 23, 2016
16 BurstE16 Titlecard English A Group Lesson! Shakadera Special!
Kyōgaku! Xhakuenji Supesharu!!
JapanFlag July 18, 2016
Flag of Australia December 26, 2016
17 BurstE17 Titlecard English Extreme Xcalius!
Gōketsu no Ekusukaribā!
JapanFlag July 25, 2016
Flag of Australia December 27, 2016
18 BurstE18 Titlecard English Team Battle! It's Off the Hook!
Moeru ze! Chīmu Batoru!!
JapanFlag August 1, 2016
Flag of Australia December 28, 2016
19 BurstE19 Titlecard English Roktavor VS Unicrest!
Ragunaruku VS Unikōn!
JapanFlag August 8, 2016
Flag of Australia December 29, 2016
20 BurstE20 Titlecard English Bring it Together! Chain Launch!
Tsunagero! Chēn Shūto!!
JapanFlag August 15, 2016
Flag of Australia December 30, 2016
21 BurstE21 Titlecard A Battle of Friendship!
Yūjō no Batoru!
JapanFlag August 22, 2016
22 BurstE22 Titlecard Valtryek's Awakening!!
Varukirī Kakusei!!
JapanFlag August 29, 2016
23 BurstE23 Titlecard The Lonely Doomscizor
Kodoku no Desusaizā
JapanFlag September 5, 2016
24 BurstE24 Titlecard Seriously the Best!!
Maji to Zenryoku!!
JapanFlag September 12, 2016
25 BurstE25 Titlecard The Mysterious Beyblade Mask!
Nazo no Beiburēdo Kamen!
JapanFlag September 19, 2016
26 BurstE26 Titlecard It's Decided! Participation in Nationals!!
Kimeru ze! Zenkoku Shutsujō!!
JapanFlag September 26, 2016
27 BurstE27 Titlecard It's Training Camp! The Viking Stadium!!
Gasshuku da! Baikingu Sutajiamu!!
JapanFlag October 3, 2016
28 BurstE28 Titlecard The Mountains! The Rivers! A Turbulent Adventure!!
Yama da! Kawa da! Arashi no Daibōken!!
JapanFlag October 10, 2016
29 BurstE29 Titlecard Aim to be Number One!
Mezasu ze Nanbā Wan!
JapanFlag October 17, 2016
30 BurstE30 Titlecard The Winged Serpent! Quetziko!!
Hebi no Tsubasa! Ketsuarukatoru!!
JapanFlag October 24, 2016
31 BurstE31 Titlecard Amaterios' Guidance
Amateriosu no Michibiki
JapanFlag October 31, 2016
32 BurstE32 Titlecard The Shocking Cyclone!
Shougeki no Saikuron!
JapanFlag November 7, 2016
33 BurstE33 Titlecard Explosive! Double Impact!!
Bakuen! Daburu Inpakuto!!
JapanFlag November 14, 2016
34 BurstE34 Titlecard Beasts' Fangs!
Kiba o muku Bīsutsu!
JapanFlag November 21, 2016
35 BurstE35 Titlecard Wild Beast! Betromoth B2!!
Yajū! Bīsuto Behīmosu!!
JapanFlag November 28, 2016
36 BurstE36 Titlecard The Threatening Ride-Out!
Raidoauto no Kyōi!
JapanFlag December 5, 2016
37 BurstE37 Titlecard Our Final Battle!
Ore-tachi no Kesshōsen!
JapanFlag December 12, 2016
38 BurstE38 Titlecard A Deadly Struggle! The Battle with Longinus!!
Shitō! Ronginusu to no Tatakai!!
JapanFlag December 19, 2016
39 BurstE39 Titlecard The Explosive Death Spiral!!
Bakuretsu! Desu Supairaru!!
JapanFlag December 26, 2016
40 BurstE40 Titlecard Let's Take the Nationals!!
Toru zeh! Zenkokuichi!!
JapanFlag January 9, 2017
41 BurstE41 Titlecard Neptune's Trap
Nepuchūn no wana
JapanFlag January 16, 2017
42 150px The Venomous Serpent! Jormungand!!
Dokuhebi! Yorumungando!!
JapanFlag January 23, 2017
43 150px The Hurricane Jet Shoot!
疾風のジェット シュート!
Shippu no Jetto Shūto!
JapanFlag January 30, 2017

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