This is a list of all parts included within the Burst System and its sub-system, the Dual Layer System.

Energy Layers

Abbr. Image Name (Hasbro) Name (Takara Tomy)
A2 LayerAcidAnubis Anubion A2 Acid Anubis
B2 LayerBeastBehemoth Betromoth B2 Beast Behemoth
C LayerChaos Caynox Chaos
D LayerDeathscyther Doomscizor Deathscyther
D2 LayerDarkDeathscyther Doomscizor D2 Dark Deathscyther
E LayerEvileye Evipero Evileye
E2 LayerExceedEvileye Evipero E2 Exceed Evileye
F2 LayerFangFenrir Fengriff F2 Fang Fenrir
G2 LayerGigantGaia Gaianon G2 Gigant Gaia
H LayerHorusood Horusood Horusood
H2 LayerHolyHorusood Horusood H2 Holy Horusood
I2 LayerInfernoIfrit Ifritor I2 Inferno Ifrit
J2 LayerJeirJormungand Jormuntor J2 Jail Jormungand
K LayerKerbeus Kerbeus Kerbeus
K2 LayerKaiserKerbeus Kerbeus K2 Kaiser Kerbeus
L2 LayerLostLonginus Luinor L2 Lost Longinus
M LayerMinoboros Minoboros Minoboros
M2 LayerMadMinoboros Minoboros M2 Mad Minoboros
N LayerNeptune Nepstrius Neptune
N2 LayerNovaNeptune Nepstrius N2 Nova Neptune
O LayerOdin Odax Odin
O2 LayerObeliskOdin Odax O2 Obelisk Odin
O2 (Hasbro) TBA Orpheus O2 TBA
P2 LayerPsychicPhantom Phantazus P2 Psychic Phantom
Q2 LayerQuadQuetzalcoatl Quetziko Q2 Quad Quetzalcoatl
R LayerRagnaruk Roktavor Ragnaruk
R2 LayerRisingRagnaruk Roktavor R2 Rising Ragnaruk
S LayerSpriggan Spryzen Spriggan
S2 LayerStormSpriggan Spryzen S2 Storm Spriggan
T LayerTrident Treptune Trident
T2 TBA Tyros T2 (TBA)
U LayerUnicorn Unicrest Unicorn
U2 LayerUnlockUnicorn Unicrest U2 Unlock Unicorn
V LayerValkyrie Valtryek Valkyrie
V2 LayerVictoryValkyrie Valtryek V2 Victory Valkyrie
W LayerWyvern Wyvron Wyvern
W2 LayerWildWyvern Wyvron W2 Wild Wyvern
X LayerXCalibur Xcalius Xcalibur
X2 LayerXenoXcalibur Xcalius X2 Xeno Xcalibur
Y LayerYggdrasil Yegdrion Yggdrasil
Y2 LayerYeagerYggdrasil Yegdrion Y2 Yeager Yggdrasil
Z2 LayerZillionZeus Zeutron Z2 Zillion Zeus
α LayerAmaterios Amaterios Amaterios
ß LayerBaldur Baderov Baldur
DG LayerDragoonS Dragoon Storm Dragoon Storm
DZ LayerDranzerS Dranzer Spiral Dranzer Spiral
DI LayerDrigerS Driger Slash Driger Slash
DC LayerDracielS Draciel Shield Draciel Shield

Forge Discs

Abbr. Image Name Hasbro Part Code
A DiskArmed Armed D10
B DiskBoost Boost D01
C DiskCentral Central D08
D DiskDown Down D15
F DiskForce Force D11
G DiskGravity Gravity D03
H DiskHeavy Heavy D07
I DiskInfinity Infinity D20
J DiskJerk Jerk D24
K DiskKnuckle Knuckle D02
L DiskLimited Limited D04
M DiskMagnum Magnum D19
N DiskNine Nine D23
O DiskOval Oval D13
P DiskPolish Polish D22
Q DiskQuarter Quarter D21
R DiskRing Ring D09
S DiskSpread Spread D06
T DiskTriple Triple D16
U DiskUpper Upper D14
V DiskVertical Vertical D12
W DiskWing Wing D05
Y DiskYell Yell D25
α DiskAero Aero
ß DiskBumper Bumper

Performance Tips

Abbr. Image Name Hasbro Part Code
A DriverAccel Accel TA01
B DriverBlow Blow TA03
C DriverClaw Claw TS02
Cy DriverCycle Cycle TS08
D DriverDefense Defense TD01
E DriverEdge Edge TS03
F DriverFusion Fusion TB01
G DriverGyro Gyro TS04
H DriverHold Hold TA09
I DriverImpact Impact TA08
J DriverJaggy Jaggy TA07
L DriverLiner Liner TB04
M DriverMassive Massive TD02
N DriverNeedle Needle TD03
O DriverOrbit Orbit TD05
P DriverPress Press TD04
Q DriverQuake Quake TA04
R DriverRevolve Revolve TS05
S DriverSurvive Survive TS01
Sp DriverSpiral Spiral TA10
T DriverTrans Trans
U DriverUnite Unite TB03
V DriverVariable Variable TA06
W DriverWeight Weight TS09
X DriverXtreme Xtreme TA05
Y DriverYielding Yielding TS06
Z DriverZephyr Zephyr TB02
α DriverAssault Assault
ß DriverBite Bite

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