This is a list of all parts included within the Burst System and its sub-system, the Dual Layer System.

Energy Layers

Abbr. Image Name
A2 LayerAcidAnubis Anubion A2
B2 LayerBeastBehemoth Betromoth B2
C LayerChaos Caynox
D LayerDeathscyther Doomscizor
D2 LayerDarkDeathscyther Doomscizor D2
E LayerEvileye Evipero
E2 LayerExceedEvileye Evipero E2
F2 LayerFangFenrir Fengriff F2
G2 LayerGigantGaia Gaianon G2
H LayerHorusood Horusood
H2 LayerHolyHorusood Horusood H2
I2 LayerInfernoIfrit Ifritor I2
J2 LayerJeirJormungand Jormuntor J2
K LayerKerbeus Kerbeus
K2 LayerKaiserKerbeus Kerbeus K2
L2 LayerLostLonginus Luinor L2
M LayerMinoboros Minoboros
M2 LayerMadMinoboros Minoboros M2
N LayerNeptune Nepstrius
N2 LayerNovaNeptune Nepstrius N2
O LayerOdin Odax
O2 LayerObeliskOdin Odax O2
P2 LayerPsychicPhantom Phantazus P2
Q2 LayerQuadQuetzalcoatl Quetziko Q2
R LayerRagnaruk Roktavor
R2 LayerRisingRagnaruk Roktavor R2
S LayerSpriggan Spryzen
S2 LayerStormSpriggan Spryzen S2
T LayerTrident Treptune
U LayerUnicorn Unicrest
U2 LayerUnlockUnicorn Unicrest U2
V LayerValkyrie Valtryek
V2 LayerVictoryValkyrie Valtryek V2
W LayerWyvern Wyvron
W2 LayerWildWyvern Wyvron W2
X LayerXCalibur Xcalius
X2 LayerXenoXcalibur Xcalius X2
Y LayerYggdrasil Yegdrion
Y2 LayerYeagerYggdrasil Yegdrion Y2
Z2 LayerZillionZeus Zeutron Z2
α LayerAmaterios Amaterios
ß LayerBaldur Baderov
DG LayerDragoonS Dragoon S
DZ LayerDranzerS Dranzer S
DI LayerDrigerS Driger S
DC LayerDracielS Draciel S

Forge Discs

Abbr. Image Name Hasbro Part Code
A DiskArmed Armed D10
B DiskBoost Boost D01
C DiskCentral Central D08
D DiskDown Down D15
F DiskForce Force D11
G DiskGravity Gravity D03
H DiskHeavy Heavy D07
I DiskInfinity Infinity D20
J DiskJerk Jerk D24
K DiskKnuckle Knuckle D02
L DiskLimited Limited D04
M DiskMagnum Magnum D19
N DiskNine Nine D23
O DiskOval Oval D13
P DiskPolish Polish
Q DiskQuarter Quarter D21
R DiskRing Ring D09
S DiskSpread Spread D06
T DiskTriple Triple D16
U DiskUpper Upper D14
V DiskVertical Vertical D12
W DiskWing Wing D05
Y DiskYell Yell D25
α DiskAero Aero
ß DiskBumper Bumper

Performance Tips

Abbr. Image Name Hasbro Part Code
A DriverAccel Accel TA01
B DriverBlow Blow TA03
C DriverClaw Claw TS02
Cy DriverCycle Cycle TS08
D DriverDefense Defense TD01
E DriverEdge Edge TS03
F DriverFusion Fusion TB01
G DriverGyro Gyro TS04
H DriverHold Hold TA09
I DriverImpact Impact TA08
J DriverJaggy Jaggy TA07
L DriverLiner Liner TB05
M DriverMassive Massive TD02
N DriverNeedle Needle TD03
O DriverOrbit Orbit TD05
P DriverPress Press TD04
Q DriverQuake Quake TA04
R DriverRevolve Revolve TS05
S DriverSurvive Survive TS01
Sp DriverSpiral Spiral TA10
T DriverTrans Trans TB04
U DriverUnite Unite TB03
V DriverVariable Variable TA06
W DriverWeight Weight TD09
X DriverXtreme Xtreme TA05
Y DriverYielding Yielding TS06
Z DriverZephyr Zephyr TB02
α DriverAssault Assault
ß DriverBite Bite

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