This is a list of all parts included within the Super Z Layer System, a subsystem of the Burst System.

Energy Layers

Abbr. Image Name (Hasbro) Name (Takara Tomy)
aH LayerArcherHercules Archer Hercules Archer Hercules
bL LayerBloodyLonginus Bloody Longinus Bloody Longinus
bX LayerBusterXcalibur Buster Xcalibur Buster Xcalibur
cR LayerCrashRagnaruk Crash Ragnaruk Crash Ragnaruk
dH 100px Dead Hades Dead Hades
eF LayerEmperorForneus Emperor Forneus Emperor Forneus
hK LayerHazardKerbeus Hazard Kerbeus Hazard Kerbeus
hS LayerHellSalamander Hell Salamander Hell Salamander
oA 100px Orb Aegis Orb Aegis
rP LayerRevivePhoenix Revive Phoenix Revive Phoenix
100px Shadow Amaterios Shadow Amaterios
100px Shining Amaterios Shining Amaterios
vL 100px Vise Leopard Vise Leopard
wV LayerWinningValkyrie Winning Valkyrie Winning Valkyrie
zA LayerZAchilles Z Achilles Z Achilles

Forge Discs

Abbr. Image Name Hasbro Part Code
1' Disk1' 1'
10 Disk10 10
11 Disk11 11
12 Disk12 12
13 Disk13 13

Disc Frames

Abbr. Image Name Hasbro Part Code
D FrameDagger Dagger
L FrameLift Lift
R FrameReach Reach

Performance Tips

Abbr. Image Name Hasbro Part Code
Et DriverEternal Eternal
Fr DriverFriction Friction
Jl DriverJolt Jolt
Op DriverOperate Operate
Sw DriverSword Sword
Vl DriverVolcanic Volcanic
Xt DriverXtend Xtend
Yr DriverYard Yard