Lui Shirasagijo (白鷺城ルイ, Rui Shirasagijo; English "Lui Shirasagi") is a character appearing in the anime/manga series, Beyblade Burst. He is the #1 blader in the burst series as he had won 5 national championships in row after defeating Shu and Valt. He is also one of the Four Spin Emperors and a member of team Ride Out.


Lui has baby blue flaming hair and violet eyes. He wears a puffy white scarf, a teal shirt, and black and blue striped pants and white boots.


Lui is aggressive and quite rude. He has a personality similar to Ryuga and Sakyo. He owns a left rotating dragon bey - Lost Luinors similar to Ryuga's L-Drago and Sakyo's Ronin Dragoon. He also may be a sadist as he is seen to inflict harm onto Shu multiple times by creating the scar on his face and damaging his recovering shoulder.


Lui is a member of Team Rideout, lead by Gabe Brunai and he is one of the Four Spin Emperors. According to Gabe's memories, Lui is a transfer student which attends the same class as Gabe, he often went to observe Gabe training in beyblade shooting and developed interest on him and later joining the bey club.

He is first introduced at Zac's party as a "special guest". Upon his arrival he watches Zac and Valt's battle. After Valt loses the fight, he calls him a terrible blader. He respects skilled and talented bladers. But he is quite rude as he injured Shu on his eyes in the championship battle by knocking out his bey on Shu's eyes. He has won the 4th championship very easily by defeating Shu without any loss.


Beyblade: Burst
Opponent Episode Result
Ben Azuki 35 Win (2-0) (flashback)
Gou Chagake 38 Unknown (flashback)
Valt Aoi 38 Win (2-0)
Shu Kurenai 39 Win (3-0) (flashback)
Valt Aoi 39 Win (4-0)
Kakeru Nekota 40 Win (2-0)
Unknown Blader 44 Win (2-0)
Ken Midori 45 Win (3-0)
Shu Kurenai 48-49 Win (3-2)
Gou Chakage,

Katana Sakaki,

Kyo Sandai,

Shinki Mikuni

50 Win (8-0)
Valt Aoi 50-51 Win (4-2)





  • He is the first Beyblade antagonist who won the final battle against the main protagonist; in this case, Valt Aoi.
  • His last name "Shirasagijo" means "white heron castle".
  • Lui bears a resemblance to Damian Hart from Beyblade: Metal Masters. Both are a blue-haired blader with a sadistic and ruthless personality. Plus, they share the same Japanese voice actor: Romi Park.
  • For some reason, he is similar to Vali Lucifer from High School DXD, due both have white dragon motif.


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