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Beyblade Wiki is a collaborative encyclopedia about the hobby and anime, Beyblade. It is kept up-to-date by editors like you, to make sure Beyblade Wiki becomes the largest database on Beyblade. Become a member and you can help us expand Beyblade so it may grow. Need an introduction to Beyblade Wiki, then go to the Community Portal. Be sure to read our Policies, as it provides the guidelines for the content posted. Also, use our tutorial for information on how to create, format, and edit pages. Read more...

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Latest Episode

BE018: Into the Labyrinth! Black Dungeon!!
BurstGodE18 Titlecard

ZG045: The Bridge to the Future
"As the battle between Zyro and Kira rages on, an interference from Doji puts them in a dangerous situation! Meanwhile, Gingka attempts to break free and take on Doji, who has transformed himself into an enormous Beyblade!"

4D052: A Ray of Hope
"The final battle between Gingka Hagane of the Legendary Bladers and the God of Destruction, Nemesis continues! Pegasus, who is put in a tough position by Nemesis' barrage of attacks, holds it's ground using the spirits of it's fallen allies. At that moment, the wishes of Bladers across the world begin to cluster within Gingka's body..."

GR051: Beybattle for the Ages
Tyson final
"Brooklyn, who has been corrupted by his inner depression, takes his battle with Tyson towards the skies in an attempt to isolate himself from everyone else. Tyson, who realises he cannot defeat Brookyln without first consoling him and showing him a fun battle with friends, follows Dragoon above the clouds to find Brooklyn. Using the wishes of both his and Brooklyn's loyal friends, can Tyson put Brookyln out of his destructive misery? "

Latest Chapter

#25: Chapter 25


#09: Beyblade Forever!
MFBZero-G LastPage
"Zyro's battle to thwart Kira's attempt at total global destruction continues. All hope rests with the Synchrome of his Samurai Ifrit W145CF and Shinobu's Shinobi Salamander SW145SD, the Salamander Ifrit W145CF. Motivated by his dream of meeting Gingka Hagane, Zyro presses onward in his decisive battle against Kira..."

Coming soon...

Coming soon...


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