Makoto Granger (original version: 木ノ宮タ マコト Kinomiya Makoto) is a minor character that only appears in the final chapter of the original Beyblade manga. He is the son of Tyson Granger and appears briefly in the final chapter, battling in a tournament with Kai's son Goh and Ray's daughter Lin.

Physical Appearance

Makoto is basically a smaller version of Tyson. His outfit is a mix of what Tyson wore in the first Beyblade anime series and in V-Force: a vest with a long sleeve shirt with two stripes on both sleeves underneath along with shorts.


Makoto is very much like his father: he loves to Beyblade and also has a rival just like his father did.


He seems to have a new version of Dragoon that Kenny made.


Makoto is only seen in the manga in the special chapter at the end of Volume 14.

Beyblade (Manga)

Makoto is the only son of Tyson Granger. His mother is unknown.

Makoto and his rival Goh Hiwatari battle one another in a future tournament, with Daichi as the new Blader DJ, who hosts the tournaments.



  • "Makoto" is Japanese for "sincerity".
  • Tyson passes on the hat given to him by his older brother Hiro Granger.
  • Makoto appears to know Max and Kenny very well calling them "uncles" whereas he does not seem to know Ray at all, possibly implying that Ray moved back to China.

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