Master Dranzer is a variation of Dranzer. It is a Balance-type Beyblade owned by Kai Hiwatari but not actually shown as such in the anime.

In the anime, along with some other "Master" beyblades, it is one of the standard blades that amateur bladers without bit-beasts use.

Attack Ring: Turle Survivor

Weight Disk: Eight Balance

  • Weight: 14 grams

Spin Gear: Right Spin Gear

Blade Base: Metal Sting Base

A beyblade that has a sharp pointed edge that gives it a super high endurance but high susceptibility to being knocked out. This can be removed to form a semishape base with a hole in it, however it is not advised as it decreases its endurance on flat surfaces. Unfortunately, this metal sting base is not magnetic and cannot be used in conjunction with a magnet spin gear core.

Other Versions

  • Master Dranzer - Red/Orange Version.


Master Dranzer - Original Version


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