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Metal Fight Beyblade Chapter 004: Clash! Gingka VS Ryuga!! is the fourth chapter of the manga, Metal Fight




Gingka finds Ryuga, leader of the Dark Nebula intent on destroying Gingka's Bey Pegasis 105F. Gingka is angry and determines that he will beat Ryuga. Kenta and Kyouya are confused by this and Gingka tells why he hates Ryuga so much. Long ago in Gingka's home village Koma Village, when Gingka was a kid he found his father, Ryo Hagane wrestling with a bear while chopping wood. Ryusei was the best Blader ever. Gingka admired his father and wanted to be just like him. However, a year and a half ago, Dark Nebula invaded Koma Village in search of the Forbidden Bey, L Drago. Gingka followed his father to find Ryuga looking for L Drago. Ryussei launches Pegasis at Ryuga to stop him but is unsuccessful due to L Drago counter-clockwise spinning unlike normal Beyblades making L Drago the "Forbidden Bey." L Drago makes rock tumble on top of Ryusei getting him trapped. Gingka tries to save him but his his father launches Pegasis to create an exit to save Gingka. Gingka's father says his goodbyes to Gingka and presumably dies. Now Kenta and Kyouya know why Gingka hates Ryuga so much. Gingka launches Pegasis at L Drago and battle. Pegasis battles fiercely due to Gingka's determination to defeat Ryuga.



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