The Metal Fight Beyblade Legend 4D Guide is a Special Edition Beyblade guide published by CoroCoro. It showcases every 4D System Beyblade released up to Variares D:D, along with Recommended Combos, as well as tips and tricks. It was released on June 25, 2011 in Japan and was included with the rare, Divine Chimera TR145FB.


Before the guide begins, it advertises the then-new Super Control Beyblade line. Which are generally, Takara Tomy's version of Hasbro's IR Spin Control Beyblades. They showcase BBC-01: Big Bang Pegasis, BBC-02: L-Drago Destroy, and BBC-03: Control BeyStadium, along with their individual prices.

Following that, is an advertisement for the Variares D:D Mars Red Ver. a dark red redeco of Variares with a dark red Variares Wheel, a black PC Frame, and a normal Face Bolt and D:D. This recolour is meant to emulate the planet Mars, in it's red colour of which, is the planet Variares represents.

The guide begins by detailing it's title, it's purpose, as well as a picture of Ginga from the manga, with his Big Bang Pegasis F:D.

It shows what the 4D System is all about and explaining what the four D's are. "Different Material". "Divided Wheel", "Dynamic Drive", and "Deep Custom". With it, is an illustrated picture of Big Bang Pegasis F:D, Fang Leone 130W²D, and L-Drago Destroy F:S literally, blowing away Twisted Tempo 145WD on a canyon of some sort.

There are also, pics of Big Bang's Metal Frame, F:D, F:S, the manner of Launching with a BeyPoint Card etc. Next showcase various battles with the BeyPoint Card, one including Big Bang Pegasis fighting Hades Kerbecs BD145DS; with L-Drago Destroy doing the same to Infinity Libra.

The guide then goes on to review Big Bang Pegasis, Fang Leone, L-Drago Destroy. Showcasing their features, what they can do, etc.. Along with what their 4D Performance Tips can do and their individual stats.

Then is the section on Variares D:D. The at the time, new, unreleased Beyblade. It talks about Variares, it's features, it being able to spin LR, and it's D:D 4D Performance Tip.

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