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The Metal Saga consists of the anime, Metal Fusion, Metal Masters, Metal Fury and Shogun Steel, the latter of which is also considered to be in its own personal saga. They serve as a spin-off of the original Beyblade series with all new characters and Beyblades. It started in 2010 (2009 in Japan) and is currently running. It airs on TV Tokyo in Japan and is licensed for distribution internationally and co-produced by Nelvana, who also distributed the original Beyblade series internationally. Each season currently contains 51 episodes with the exception of Beyblade: Metal Fury, which contains 52 in the Japanese version, but only 39 in the Dub. The saga was succeeded by the Burst Saga.

Dubbed episodes of Metal Fusion, Metal Masters, and Metal Fury are available on Crunchyroll. Dubbed episode of Metal Fusion are also available on Netflix.


Beyblade: Metal Fusion


Gingka Hagane, a Beyblader from the Beyblading residence, Koma Village, travels the country in search of strong Bladers. Along the way he meets Kenta Yumiya a strong but timid Beyblader and Madoka Amano, a Bey Mechanic. They are joined by Benkei Hanawa and Kyoya Tategami who start out as enemies but put aside their differences and develop friendly rivalries. Eventually it is revealed that he is searching for the forbidden Bey, Lightning L-Drago 100HF after it was stolen by Ryuga and Doji of the Dark Nebula, a secret organization with dark plans. They plan to use L-Drago to take over the world.

Beyblade: Metal Masters

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Gingka and his friends meet a new Beyblader named Masamune Kadoya and his Bey, Ray Striker D125CS. Masamune is a new Blader who joins Gingka's group and will stop at nothing to defeat him. Gingka joins the Beyblade World Championships Tournament, with team Japan, Team Gan Gan Galaxy. A Tournament where representatives from a country around the world compete to become the best Bladers. With Gingka and Masamune picked as the representatives of Japan they won't hold anything back to win. They will give their all!

Beyblade: Metal Fury


In the Cosmos, an unusual event has occurred. Taking a break from their latest triumph over Faust and the Spiral Core, Gingka and Co. find themselves saving a boy named Yuki Mizusawa from a mysterious youth named Johannes. Although Yuki is a boy genius and an astronomer, he is a Blader who owns Mercury Anubius 85XF. Yuki says that he has come to tell Gingka and his friends about the voice of the Star Fragment. He witnessed the Star Fragment (a meteor) fall from the sky one day. That single light dwells within Anubius and he says that he heard the voice of the Star Fragment that evening. A great evil is trying to revive the “Black Sun” and "Nemesis", the god of destruction, by using the unknown power of the Star Fragment to destroy the world. Gingka and his friends must fight again, just as soon as they get the hang of their new 4D System Beys!

Beyblade: Shogun Steel


Zyro Kurogane, the new protagonist who looks up to Gingka Hagane and aims to become the strongest Blader, is the No. 1 Blader who remains undefeated on his home turf. In order to test his own strength, Zyro arrived at the town where Gingka and his friends were, but Gingka wasn't there and champion Bladers who aim at becoming the strongest Blader of tomorrow had gathered. Straight away, Zyro starts to battle with them, but he wasn't used to dealing with the Zero-G Stadium, which wasn't in his hometown, so it was a tough fight for him... However, with his natural guts and instinct, Zyro understands the walkthrough methods and heads towards victory.

As such, will the champion Bladers stand in Zyro's way one after the other?!


Metal Fight Beyblade VS the Sun: Sol Blaze, the Scorching-hot Invader

The film was released in Japan on August 21, 2010. The film is named Metal Fight Beyblade VS. the Sun: Sol Blaze, the Scorching Hot Invader. In the chronological order, the film is a seperate story from the second season.

It's summer vacation. In front of Gingka and Co, who are excited about a Beyblade tournament, Helios, a mysterious youth, stands in their way. In his hands, he possesses "Sol Blaze", a Beyblade that has been passed down since ancient times. As intense battle between Gingka vs. Helios unfolds, extreme weather develops throughout the world.


See here for more information.


  • Unlike the previous series, the events of the Metal Saga are connected.
    • The movie is an exception to this, due to being non-canon.
  • Due to the fact that Metal Saga using some terms of celestial object, much like Saint Seiya series, the following is a list of equations
Beyblade character Saint Seiya character
Gingka Hagane/ Sora Akatsuki Pegasus Tenma/ Seiya/ Kōga
Kyoya Tategami Leo Regulus/ Aiolia/ Mycenae
Benkei Hanawa Taurus Rasgado/ Aldebaran/ Harbringer
Tsubasa Otori Eagle Marin/ Aquila Yuna
Ryuga/ Sakyo Kurayami Dragon Shiryū/ Ryūhō
Tetsuya Watarigani/ Enzo Garcia/ Selen Garcia Cancer Manigoldo/ Deathmask/ Schiller
Dan Sodo/ Reiki Sodo Gemini Kanon/ Saga/ Paradox/ Integra/ Aspros/ Defteros
Hyoma/ American DJ Aries Shion/ / Kiki
Chris Orion Jäger/ Eden
Busujima/ Lera/ Demure Scorpio Kardia/ Milo/ Sonia
King Mars
Masamune Kadoya Unicorn Yato/ Jabu
Daidoji/ Anton/ Aleksei Wolf Nachi/ Haruto/ Yoshitomi
Kenta Yumiya Sagittarius Sisyphus/ Aiolos/ Seiya
Yu Tendo Libra Dohko/ Genbu/ Shiryū
Ryusei Hagane/ Ren Kurenai Phoenix Ikki/ Bennu Kagaho
Tobio Oike/ George/ Dr. Ziggurat Capricorn El Cid/ Shura/ Ionia
Hikaru Hasama / Mei-Mei/ Marcus Aquarius Degel/ Camus/ Tokisada
Ryutaro Fukami Pisces Albafica/ Aphrodite/ Amor
Teru Saotome/ Chao Xin Virgo Asmita/ Shaka/ Fudō
Sophie/ Wales Cetus Chris/ Moses/ Menkar
Julian Konzern Perseus Algol/ Mirfak
Kumade Brothers/ Nowaguma Bear Geki
Toby(Faust) Horologium Tokisada/ Lyra Orphee/ Orpheus
Johannes Lynx Mirapolos/ Retsu/ Jaō
Cycnus Cygnus Hyōga
Keyser Musca Dio/ Fly
Aguma Saturn
Damian Hart Cerberus Dorer/ Dante
Argo Garcia Carina Atlas
Pluto Hades
Karte/ Zidane Crow Jamian/ Johann
Chi Yun Li Lizard Misty
Wang Da Xiang Camelopardialis Bartsch
Gen Kikura Kraken Isaak
Genjuro Kamegaki Genbu Gregor
Shinobu Hiryuin Lyumnades Caça
Yoshio Iwayama Golem Rock
Kira Hayama Behemoth Violate
Jack Peacock Shiva/ Pavlin
Captain Arrow Wyvern Rhadamanthys
Karura Garuda Aiacos
Takanosuke Shishiya Griffon Minos
Bakin Julian Solo
Ian Garcia Heracles Algethi
Zeo Abyss Pyxis Rusk

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