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Meteo L-Drago LW105LF
Face Bolt: L-Drago II
Energy Ring: L-Drago II
Clearwheel ldrago2
Fusion Wheel: {{{fusionwheel}}}
Metalwheel meteo
Spin Track: Left Wing 105
Track lw105 img
Performance Tip: Left Flat
Bottom lf img

Meteo L-Drago LW105LF
Beyblade Details
Type Attack
Release Dates & Price
Country Release Date Price
JapanFlag Japan September 18, 2010 {{{japprice}}}
UnitedStatesFlag United States {{{usreleasedate}}} {{{usprice}}}
International Names
Language Name
JapanFlag Japanese (Kanji) メテオエルドラゴ LW105LF
JapanFlag Japanese (Romaji) Metio Erudorago LW105LF
UnitedStatesFlag English Meteo L-Drago LW105LF
Product Codes
Manufacturer Product Code
Takara Tomy BB-88
Hasbro {{{hasbroprodcode}}}

Meteo L-Drago LW105LF
Anime & Manga Information
Owner Ryuga
Anime Debut Beyblade: Metal Masters - Episode 26
Manga Debut {{{mangadebut}}}

Meteo L-Drago LW105LF
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  • Meteo comes from the word "meteōros" meaning "high in the air."
  • When the heads cover the silver parts of the Meteo Wheel, it appears as a complete dragon head.
  • Its Beast form is the first and currently only form in which it is different from its pre-evolution.
  • Ultimate Meteo L-Drago Rush Ver. is the only variant of Meteo L-Drago who does not have an Attack Tip or low Spin Track.
  • This is the only one of Ryuga's L-Drago's that hasn't lost any battles, as Lightning L-Drago lost to Storm Pegasus on the last episode of Metal Fusion, and L-Drago Destroy lost to Diablo Nemesis in the episode Nemesis vs L-Drago.
  • The Bey which it evolved from, Lightning L-Drago 100HF stole power from Beys in the anime, while this Bey steals spin, due to the reverse rotation combined with the rubber on the energy ring.
  • The rubber on the energy ring doesn't actually feel like rubber, as it feels like a soft plastic.
  • If you place Meteo L-Drago's energy ring on L-Drago Destroy's core, you'll have a fully rubber L-Drago, but it will be light and need a MF-H facebolt. This is however illegal.
  • Its beast is completly different than its previous form Lightning L-Drago 100HF, but it looks almost identical to L-Drago Destructor's Beast.
  • It is the second form of L-Drago in the anime, and third in the manga.
  • Like the rest of the L-Drago species it is meant to be the opposite and left rotation version of Pegasus, in this case, Galaxy Pegasus.

Meteo L-Drago LW105LF

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Meteo L-Drago LW105LF
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