Michael Summers (マイケル・ソマーズ Maikeru Somaazu) is a character in the Original Series, consisting of Beyblade and Beyblade: G-Revolution. He is the team captain of the All Starz.



Michael is the captain of his team and therefore tries to show that he is 'superior' to other bladers. Steve, Eddy and him often pick on their opponents.


Michael is an American baseball player who joined the PPB program to compete in Beyblade championships with team PPB All Starz.


His first appearance is in "Blading With the Stars" but only a brief moment. He really shows up more often is during the semi-finals, and then finally, the final battle between him and Max where Max defeats him.

Later on, around the Russia Tournament, he is seen along with his team. In a much later scene, Kai beats the All Starz and takes their bit-beasts. When Tyson defeats the Demolition Boys, they get their bit-beasts back.

Beyblade: G-Revolution

During G-Revolution, he is seen with a new haircut (long, straight blonde hair, with his right eye being covered by his bangs). He is defeated by Rick during the American eliminations of the Beyblade Championship, and confronts Judy by saying: "Now you have your team, so I guess you don't need us anymore."

At the end of the series, when Tyson had to choose the five members that would make the G Revolutions, Michael fought to get the fifth place with the other team captains.


In 2000 Michael's Beyblade Trygle was a large scale red/orange blade with a guarded base made for attack.

In G-Revolution, Trygle 2 has a normal large base orange blade with characteristics of a defensive type Beyblade. Michael's bit beast Trygle is a eagle type beast with agile speed and strength.

He launches his Beyblade, Trygle by throwing a ball, which divides into two pieces during its flight to shoot the blade forwards. This technique gives it a lot of power.


Beyblade: 2000
Opponent Episode Result
Pee Wee Win
Max Tate Episode 28 Win
Max Tate Episode 28 Loss
Max Tate Episode 28 Loss
Lee Draw
Kai Hiwatari (tag w/ All Stars) Loss
Beyblade: G-Revolution
Opponent Episode Result
Rick Anderson Loss
Battle Royale Loss





  • Michael's appearance in G-Revolution resembles Billy from Bakugan: Battle Brawlers.

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