Stanley A. Dickenson (大転寺小五郎 Daitenji Kogoro) is the Chairman of the official Beyblading Committee, the BBA.

Physical Appearance

Personality & Characteristics

While he has an easygoing personality, he is the old man no easily swayed. In order to encourage Tyson's growth, such as when he tricks them into travelling around Europe in order to fight the champions. He does a lot of behind-the-scenes work.

He, along with other important people among the association, decide when and where tournaments will be held. He announces them to the teams and arranges it so that they can have access to them. He was probably the one who suggested to form a team out of the four finalists (Tyson, Kai, Max and Ray) of the Japanese regional tournament: the Bladebreakers.

During championship battles, if he notices that a particular match has gone too far (for instance, if the Bladers are about to collapse), the Blader DJ has to ask for his permission before ending the Beybattle.

He also supports Beyblading to the best of his ability. When Tala was hospitalized after his battle against Garland, he often stayed by his side.




Beyblade: 2000

Beyblade: V-Force

Beyblade: G-Revolution

As BEGA arose, the BBA was forced to shut down and leave their place to the new association. All the employees, including Mr.
Ryu Granger and Mr. Dickenson

Ryu Granger and Mr. Dickenson

Dickenson, were fired. He then spent all his time in parks, feeding the few birds that came. However, when Tyson, Ray, Max, Daichi, Hilary and Kenny (even Kai who joined later) all met in Tala's hospital room, he was the one to officially form the new team "G-Revolutions".

When he was younger, he was a scientist and his work involved Bit-Beasts.


Dr. Zagart

His colleague and friend was Dr. Zagart.




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