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Oliver (オリビエ・ポーランジェ Olivier Boulanger)is a character in the Original Series, consisting of Beyblade and Beyblade: G-Revolution. He is a member of the Majestics. His Bit-Beast and Beyblade is Unicolyon.


Oliver has bright green hair and lilac eyes.

In the first season, he wears a long-sleeve red shirt with a long blue jacket over it, sporting a yellow trim and a brown belt. He also wears a blue hat, somewhat reminiscent of a pilot's with red goggles and a white scarf.

In G-Revolution, he is shown to wear the same blue hat along with a blue and white jacket with a yellow trim. He wears a yellow and orange top and a brown double-buckled belt and red fingerless gloves.


Out of the Majestics, Oliver is not only the calmest and most enjoyable to be around, he is also the most talented. He is a masterful artist, as well as a top ranked chef. He isn't modest about these things and will brag.

He is very friendly and makes friends easily, calling Tyson and Kenny his "new best friends" after talking to an angry Tyson in the Louvre.


Oliver faced the Dark Blader, Zomb, and won the battle, turning him into the monster Frankenstein.


Beyblade: 2000

Oliver first appears when the Bladebreakers fight the Dark Bladers in the Eiffel Tower, which he watches from the sidelines. He warns them that they need to control their bit beasts better, then leaves.

Later, Tyson and Kenny go to the Louvre, an art museum, and find that it is closed. Tyson is able to sneak in and finds Oliver there, pondering an art piece. Oliver had enough money to keep the museum to himself, something that angered Tyson. After eating at his restaurant Tyson hastily asks Oliver to a beyblade match, to which he accepts. They battle and the match ends in a tie. He tells Tyson that he should go to Italy to challenge Enrique. After Enrique and Tyson's last battle Oliver visits him and later witnesses the rematch between Enrique and Tyson. Later Oliver, along with Enrique, takes the Bladebreakers to Robert's castle, where they challenge them all to a best of 3 matches Beybattle. He fights Ray and the match ends in a tie again.

He with Enrique coming out of a bus as they give the Bladebreakers a lift to a secret location where Robert has a Beybattle against Tyson.

Beyblade: G-Revolution

In G-Revolution, he was shown with the rest of the Majestics watching the final battle between Kai and Tyson of the World Championships.

In the Japanese exclusive ending, he and Robert are in a tag-team match against Matilda and Aaron.


Unicolyon is a pink beyblade with the unicorn-like bit beast sealed within it.

Special Move

Earth Shake: Unicolyon appears and makes the Earth tremble, damaging the bey and hindering its movement. The move was used in Oliver's battle against Ray.


Beyblade: 2000
Opponent Episode Result
Zomb Win
Tyson Granger Episode 33 Draw
Ray Kon Episode 38 Draw
Beyblade: G-Revolution
Opponent Episode Result
Aaron & Mathilda (tag w/ Robert) No Outcome



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