Pegasus Tornado Wing is a Hasbro Faceoff 2-pack including a recoloured version of Storm Pegasus 105RF and Rock Aquario 125SF. It is Attack vs. Balance.   Note: This Set's release is exclusive to Hasbro.


  • BB-28A Storm Pegasus 105RF (Yellow highlights on Clear Wheel)
  • B-102 Rock Aquario 125SF (Green Clear Wheel, orange Track, brown Tip)
  • Two Ripcord Launchers (Clear red and blue)


Most parts in this Set are outclassed, only providing two worthwhile parts. Due to their excessive Recoil and low weight both Rock and Storm cannot defeat top-tier Defense types. 105 should only be used when alternatives such as 100, 90 or 85 are not available. 125 is rendered useless, because other more effective Tracks at the same height are available. In contrast, RF is a staple Attack part while Aquario is a top-tier Clear Wheel for Stamina and Defense types. Still both Aquario and RF or substitutes of these parts can be found more simply, especially since Hasbro has released Cyber Aquario 105RF as a Starter. However, the RF from Cyber Aquario has a different type of rubber that lowers its grip to the stadium floor, compared to other RFs, reducing Attack power, but this provides a Stamina increase to the equipped Beyblade. For that reason, there is little reason to buy this Set outside of collection purposes.

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