Rapidity, Guardian L Drago (Fake)

A Fake Guardian L Drago, Notice the logo

Rapidity is a company that sells fake Beyblade Tops. The quality of the tops are not as good as Takara Tomy, Sonokong or Hasbro. They are not legal in most (probably all) tournaments. 

Quality and Performance

Rapidity Beys look like regular beys, but on closer inspection may have cracked parts, the metal wheel does not dull because of use. The parts tend to crack and chip, Most of the Clear Wheels/Energy Rings will chip and look bad. Rapidity may also pair the beys with some metal tips, these aren't real MF,MS, and MBs. These are entirely metal. they might have deformities because of of low quality work.

These beys tend not to work as well as real beys. For Example: Their Bearing  Drive (Phantom Orion) does not have a bearing in it, cutting its stamina and Blitz Striker does not attack like the real one. Also, all Rapidity beys are and some of the packaging have spinning glows on the bey, and most likely to be a tall 230 which glows is always their track


These Beys tend to be quite cheap money wise, but you get what you pay for. Takara, Hasbro, and Sonokong are more worth the money.

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