Rick Anderson is a character in the Original Series, consisting of Beyblade: G-Revolution. He is a member of the All Starz.

Physical Appearance

Personality & Characteristics

At first he is mistaken as a person who feels that working with a partner is unnecessary to win Beybattles. Rick later comes to the realization that no one Beyblader can be as powerful as many working together as a team.

He also carries his stereo around whenever he Beybattles. It provides him with extra motivation, and also tends to distract his opponents. Rick is a bull-like strong blader but he doesn't have respect for the game until he acknowledges its true value.


Rick was raised in a in a pretty rough neighborhood, where everyone tried their best to make a decent life for themselves. Rick chose the way of the Beyblade, and making it to the World Championships was one way of setting a great example.



He first appears when he teams up with Max and forms the PPB All Starz.

After Max's defeat against Kai, Rick tries to defeat him, but he is defeated by Kai's classy moves.

He is dominant in the first couple of matches where he accidentally injures the left arm of Claude from the Barthez Battalion and in his second match where he manhandles Raul of F-Dynasty.

During the fight against the White Tiger X, he is forced to fight together with Max against Ray and Lee. His dream of becoming the world champion ends when he and Max are defeated by the BBA Revolution.

After the championship ends, he supports the G-Revolution team as they get ready to fight the BEGA League. As the final battle comes near, Crusher and Ming-Ming attempt to weaken Tyson, but Rick stops them along with Lee.

In the final scenes of Beyblade: G-Revolution, Rick is seen beyblading with Carlos in an alley.


Rick's Beyblade is Rock Bison, a large scale unique engine gear beyblade. The blade is brown and has an under ring along with a large attack ring as well, all used for Rick's brute force.


Beyblade: G-Revolution
Opponent Outcome
Eddy Draw
Michael Summers Win
Claude Win
Raul Fernandez Win
Tala Win
Kai Hiwatari Lose
Lee, Max & Ray Lose
Daichi Lose
Battle Royale Lose
Crusher & Ming-Ming (tag w/ Lee) No Outcome


  • It's possible that Rick is left-handed as his launcher is designed to be used for his left hand on the rip cord.


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