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Rushing Boar is a Stamina-type Beyblade that belongs to Aaron.

Like Dark Gargoyle and Rapid Eagle, this Beyblade featured a SG Flat base early in the anime but, it was later changed to an engine gear base. Takara and Hasbro released the Beyblade with the SG Flat.

Attack Ring (AR): Hammer Tusk

Weight Disk (WD) : Ten WIde

  • Weight: 14 Grams

Spin Gear (SG): Neo Right Spin Gear (Metal Weight Version)

  • Weight: 4 Grams

Blade Base (BB): SG Sharp Base

  • Weight: 7 Grams


Rushing Boar - Random Booster 10 Blue Version



  • Strangely, even though Hasbro released Dark Gargoyle and Rapid Eagle with Engine Gears, Rushing Boar wasn't, even though it features one in the anime.

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