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Biographical information
Gender Male
Current Beyblade(s) Omega Dragonis 85XF
Relatives Ryuga (Older Brother)
Friends Gingka Hagane
Rivals Gingka Hagane and Dynamis
Occupation(s) Treasure Hunter, Blader
Behind the scenes
First anime appearance The Maze of Mist Mountain
Seiyū Mie Sonozaki
English voice actor Unknown

Ryuto is a Treasure Hunter well known for his many discoveries. He is Ryuga's younger brother. His Beyblade is Omega Dragonis 85XF.


Ryuto has a striking resemblance to Ryuga in many ways. His hair is white with almost the same hairstyle as Ryuga with a red patch in his hair, he wears an overcoat and has a gold eye color like Ryuga and they both have a dragon related bey that is an attack type.



Beyblade: Metal Fury

Ryuto made his debut in The Maze of Mist Mountain. He was under the labyrinth, searching for the star fragment when he encountered Gingka. The two began a battle in which he loses. Straight after, he realizes that it was the World Champion that he had battled and joined the gang in the journey through Mist Valley.

In The Lion's Pride, Ryuto's treasure hunting abilities were put to the test as they navigated through a maze lined with traps. With the help of his Omega Dragonis 85XF, they managed to complete the maze unharmed. After knowing about the Bladers of Four Seasons, he leaves the group so he can find Tithi.


Beyblade: Metal Fury
Opponent Episode Outcome
Gingka Hagane 4D018 Lose
Dynamis 4D020 Lose


Special Moves



  • Ryuto has a "Ryu" in his name, similar to Ryuga, Ryusei, Ryutaro, and Jin Ryu from BeyWheelz: Powered by Beyblade.
  • He has some relations with Ryuga, being his brother, because they look very much alike, they both use beys with Dragon in the name (L-Drago and Dragonis), they have the same hair style, they both have moves where orbs of energy come out of their hands, they both wear similar clothing, and they both have lost two battles, with 1 of them being against Gingka.
  • Before it was confirmed his bey was Omega Dragonis, people thought it was Jade Jupiter.
  • His and Ryuga's hair design are the same, except that Ryuto's is red on the right and Ryuga's is red on the left. That´s because Ryuga´s bey is left spinning and Ryuto´s bey is right spinning.
  • Ryuto is the second person to have a Beyblade with a dragon in Metal Saga (The first being Ryuga).
  • Ryuto is also the second person to have spiky white hair with a red line (Ryuga is the first one).


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