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Salamander Balro DF145SWD
Release Date(s)
Japan: November 17, 2012
Product Details
Product Code: BBG-24
Type: balance
Element: darkness/fire
Stone Face: Balro
Chrome Wheel: Balro
Crystal Wheel: Salamander (Chrome Wheel)
Track: DF145
Bottom: SWD
Anime and Manga
Owner: N/A
First anime appearance: N/A
First manga appearance: N/A

Saramanda Balro DF145SWD is a Beyblade released in the  Beyblade Zero-G Ultimate Synchrom DX Set Attack & Balance Type on November 17, 2012 in Japan.

Stone Face: Balro

This face depicts the skull and horns of a Balrog, a mythical demon of fire and shadow from the "The Lord of the Rings".

Chrome Wheel: Balro

The Balro chrome wheel has many jagged edges and curves along the sides which can be compared to the head and jaws of the Balrog from the Lord of The Rings Series. The Balro wheel shares a great resemblence to the Begirados chrome wheel. A wheel like this is perfect for Attack and Stamina type Beyblades.

Chrome Wheel: Saramanda

A balanced chrome wheel representing the mythical salamander. It has very balanced offense and defense making it a great barrage attacker, it is also very circular. Saramanda's stickers also do not get affected in battle. It is very useful in attack and defense customizations. 

Spin Track: DF145

Down Force 145 is one of the early variations of 145, sprouting an air-supporting gimmick. Fitted with four blades around the Spin Track, positioned in two different ways, they theoretically are supposed to push air down-wards, hence DownForce 145. As a result, it should provide extra Stamina for the Beyblade however this is not the case.

The four blades are simply not long or large enough for the proposed gimmick to work, therefore causing DF145 as essentially; a useless Stamina Track. Other, more viable options are available, including BD145 and the out-classed, but majorly decent GB145.

Performance Tip: SWD

Sharp Wide Defense (SWD) is a Balance-oriented Performance Tip first released with Fusion Hades and is and upgraded version of Defense Sharp (DS). As its name states, SWD consists of WD fused with S. While it retains the same appearance as WD, it has a hole at it's bottom. The hole reveals the Sharp Tip protruding upwards. This is similar in manner to DS, only SWD's surrounding ring is wider. SWD also bears an uncanny resemblance to EWD, minus the free-spinning bearing. SWD is a translucent red.

Performance-wise, SWD is a rather good Performance Tip for Stamina. It does well on combos with Scythe, Phantom, and Duo, although failing on certain combos; especially against WD as well as on tall-heights like on TH170. It also scrapes on BD145 similar to WD and EDS, but appears equal to WD on other occasions. Overall, SWD appears to be a good Stamina-Tip, able to hold its ground against other Stamina combinations.


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