Salima (サリマ Sarima) is a character in the Original Series, consisting of Beyblade: V-Force. She is a former member of Team Psykick. Her Bit-Beast and Beyblade was Cyber Driger.


Salima has spiky red hair that is similar to Max Tate's except longer, she also has dark-purple eyes. Her basic attire is a black jacket and purple undershirt, she also wears a white skirt with an red belt, black stockings and purple shoes.

She starts to wear the Team Psykick uniform, after joining the team.


She is very kind-hearted and truly believes in her team's goal: to learn everything they possibly can about Beyblading. She also cares about other people as she told ray to forfiet the match to save his bit beast and not just for a free win. Salima was also one of the members of her team who did not want to cheat, which shows that she is a fair player.

Beyblade: V-Force

In her first appearence Salima came to help two kids who were playing beyblades but one of thier beyblades was about to get crushed by a train. She gave them back thier bey and told them to take care of thier beys and play some where safe.

Later she and her friends helped Ryo when he was about to drown in a river. That is when she and her friends met the blade breakers. Salima told the blade breakers that she and her friends go around the world to train and learn new techniques and ways of living life. She was very attracted to Ray as he was agreeing with everything she was saying which made her think that they thought similarly. She was also really enjoying Tyson and Kane’s battle. At the end of the episode she was seen with her friends infront of gideon and doctor B who asked them to join thier team.

Salima is the Beyblader chosen to use Cyber Driger. She, along with Kane, was originally against the idea of using the Cyber bit-beasts and tried to convince her teammates that using digital holy beasts was a bad idea. She even wanted to help Ray and the Bladebreakers by giving them her Cyber holy beast to analyze, but demanded in return that they forfeit the match to keep Driger safe.

However, during her attempt to steal Cyber Driger, Kane stopped her and told her that making the blade breakers forfeit the match is a bad idea. Later during a training match doctor B puts her against Kane so that she may become possessed by Cyber Driger. During the match when she summons Cyber Driger she is drawn to it’s power and wants to learn more about it.

During her match with Ray, she still displayed traits of her old self: the desire to win a match without cheating. Ray managed to break through to her when he won. Ray tried to make her come with him but she was ready to accept her fate which was to be punished by gideon and she was also ashamed that she was controlled by the cyber bit beast. After that she was locked in a cell for her failure. Also when the Kane was battling Tyson he was going beyond his limit and could hurt himself. To stop him Salima ran to give him some advice but kane used his cyber dragoon to blow her away which made Tyson really angry. After Kane and Tyson’s battle the entire battle tower was about to collapse. While everyone was trying to get out Salima was helped to walk by Ray and Max because she was injured in her own battle and later by Kane when he lost control. After everyone got out she was very sorry for using cyber bit beasts and told evry one what beyblading was really about. After this speech Tyson agreed with her which led to Hilary teasing Tyson that he was in love with Salima which is not true, as ahe loves Kane. After this inccident it was seen that Salima stopped battling alot and served more as a beyblade teacher along with Goki. In the championship arc she was seen teaching some kids about beyblading.


Cyber Driger was made by doctor B and his scientists for the team members of team phsycic. Cyber Driger just like the other cyber bit beasts can grow stronger during battle.


Beyblade: V-Force
Opponent Episode Result
Kane Yamashita Episode 20 Draw
Ray Kon Episode 23 Draw
Ray Kon Episode 23 Lose


Unknown Little Brother

She cares for her little brother and teaches him how to Beyblade. But that was never seen or mentioned. Although in episode 43, she and Goki were teaching Beyblade skills to kids. It is most likely her brother was among them.

Ray Kon

They seem to be great friends and rivals, she shares lots of thoughts with him and was even prepared to give him Cyber Driger to end her teams madness. Ray also cares about Salima as he always tries to help her when something is wrong

Kane Yamashita

Salima has travelled with Kane for over a year and also seems to have a crush on him. She is always worried about him and is always on his side when it comes to opinions. Salima always trusts Kane and does not even get mad on Kane when he used his bit beast to knock her away.


After the events of the cyber bit beasts she and Goki parted ways with Kane and Jim to teach kids around the world about beyblades and learn more about life.



  • In Arabic the name Salima means mild which tells her mild and kind personality when she is not under the bit beast’s control.