Shadow Fortune Zurafa
Release Date(s)
Product Details
Product Code: W-07
Type: Balance
Spirit Axle: Zurafa
Spirit Shield: Zurafa
Energy Core: Shadow
Attack Gear: Fortune
Owner: Leader A
First anime appearance: episode 9

Shadow Fortune Zurafa is a Balance-Type BeyWheel from the BeyWheelz toyline. It is based off the Zurafa-series of Beyblades.

Spirit Axle: Zurafa

The Spirit Axle has a motif of Zurafa printed on it. Zurafa is arabic for Giraffe.

Spirit Shield: Zurafa

The spirit shield is very good at attacking. It is mortified after a giraffes legs. It grabs its opponents bey and sends it back in the opposite direction.

Energy Core: Shadow

Shadow has treads that allow it to grip the ground for better traction, it also has dull bumps coming out around the treads which gives it better balance.

Attack Gear: Fortune

Fortune has two wing like extensions with two claws attached to each wing. It is wider than some other attack gears.


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