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Special Moves (Japanese: 特殊なスピン移動, Special Spin Moves) sometimes called Finishing Moves, are attacks performed by Beyblades in the Metal Saga, which use their complete strength and very own spirit to defeat their opponent. All main Beyblades of the Metal Saga are capable of performing Special Moves; with each Beyblade having at least one move.

Special Move
Star Gazer 4


During battle, Bladers will usually tend to call out special attacks named, "Special Moves". They will call out its name and thus, their Beyblade will begin to glow with its own aura and its motif will appear and "glow".

Once this happens, the Beast (if the Bey has one) will appear out of the Beyblade and brace itself for battle. It will then use the aforementioned Special Move it was called upon to use, and take it into effect.

Special Moves vary. Specifically, they take a different action in place and vary in levels of considerable damage dealt. Some tend to do minor damage or to use something else, while others are more powerful and do more damage. Some Special Moves can even one-hit KO a Beyblade if used correctly, such as Grand Lightning.

Beyblade: Metal Fusion - Special Moves

Gingka and Storm Pegasus

Kyoya and Rock Leone

Tsubasa and Earth Eagle

Yu Tendo and Flame Libra

Kenta and Flame Sagittario

Benkei and Dark Bull

Ryuga and Lightning L-Drago

Hyoma and Rock Aries

Hikaru and Storm Aquario

Sora and Cyber Pegasus

Tobio Oike and Storm Capricorn

Dan, Reiki and Evil Gemios

Reiji and Poison Serpent

Ryutaro and Thermal Pisces

Busujima and Rock Scorpio

Doji and Dark Wolf

Tetsuya and Dark Gasher

Kumade Brothers and Rock Orso

Phoenix/Ryo Hagane and Burn Fireblaze

Tsuyoshi and Iron Bearl WD145B

Hajime and Tornado Giran 100WF

Mariko and Inferno Cygzas 125B

Asami and Typhoon Leplys 90F

Rina and Blaze Lyncat C145BS

Kai (Battle Fortress) and Hellfire Delphis 145FS

Kouki and Fire Pavon WD145S

Kakeru and Crystal Leol D125B

Mamoru and Quake Shielzam DF145D

Rochi and Devil Serpenter 125SF

Beyblade: Metal Masters - Special Moves

Gingka Hagane and Galaxy Pegasus

Masamune Kadoya and Ray Striker

Tsubasa and Earth Eagle

Ryuga and Meteo L-Drago

Kyoya and Rock Leone

Nile and Vulcan Horuseus

Dashan Wang and Rock Zurafa

Chi-yun and Thermal Lacerta

Chao Xin and Virgo

Mei-Mei and Aquario

Nowaguma and Rock Orso

Karte and Zidane

Julian Konzern and Gravity Destroyer

Klaus and Grand Capricon

Wales and Grand Cetus

Sophie and Grand Cetus

Sophie and Wales

Argo Garcia and Ray Gil

Ian Garcia and Cyclone Herculeo

Enzo Garcia and Ray Gasher

Enzo and Selen

Damian and Hades Kerbecs

Jack and Evil Befall

Zeo Abyss and Flame Byxis

Faust and Twisted Tempo

Beyblade: Metal Fury - Special Moves

Gingka Hagane and Cosmic Pegasus

Kyoya Tategami and Fang Leone

Ryuga and L-Drago Destructor

Kenta and Flame Sagittario

Kenta and Flash Sagittario

Yuki and Mercury Anubius

Aguma and Scythe Kronos

King and Variares

Masamune and Blitz Striker

King and Masamune

Zeo and Spiral Fox

Toby and Spiral Lyra

Toby and Zeo

Dynamis and Jade Jupiter

Ryuto and Omega Dragonis

Dashan and Rock Zurafa

Dashan and Chi-yun

Jigsaw and Forbidden Eonis

Johannes and Beat Lynx

Bao and Hell Crown

Chris and Phantom Orion

Tithi and Death Quetzacotal

Cycnus and Kreis Cygnus

Yu and Flame Libra

Rago and Diablo Nemesis

Beyblade: Shogun Steel - Special Moves

Zyro Kurogane and Samurai Ifrit W145CF

Shinobu Hiryūin and Ninja Salamander SW145SD

Zyro/Shinobu and Salamander Ifrit W145CF (Synchrome)

Kite Unabara and Guardian Leviathan 160SB

Eight Unabara and Pirate Orochi 145D

  • TBA

Kite/Eight and Orochi Leviathan 160SB (Synchrome)

Ren Kurenai and Thief Phoenix E230GCF

Sakyo Kurayami and Ronin Dragoon LW160BSF

Takanosuke Shishiya and Archer Griffin C145S

Sakyo/Takanosuke and Griffin Dragoon LW160BSF (Synchrome)

Akuya Onizaki and Archer Gargole SA165WSF

Kira Hayama and Berserker Behemoth SR200BWD

Yoshio Iwayama and Bandit Golem DF145BS

Kira/Yoshio and Golem Behemoth SR200BWD (Synchrome)

Yoshio/Kira and Behemoth Golem DF145BS (Synchrome)

Kira Hayama and Gladiator Bahamut SP230GF

Gingka Hagane and Samurai Pegasus W105R2F

Kira/Gingka and Pegasus Bahamut SP230 R2F (Synchrome)

Captain Arrow and Archer Wyvern 145WB

Spike Bourne and Thief Girago WA130HF

Genjūro Kamegaki and Bandit Genbu F230TB

Baihu Xiao and Berserker Byakko 125S

Karura and Guardian Garudas SD145PF

Beyblade: Burst - Special Moves

Valt Aoi and Victory Valkyrie .B.V

Shu Kurenai and Storm Spriggan .K.U

Rantaro Kiyama and Rising Ragnaruk .G.R

Kensuke Midorikawa and Kaiser Kerbeus .L.P

Daina Kurogami and Dark Deathscyther .F.J

Wakiya Komurasaki and Wild Wyvern .V.O

Hoji Konda and Holy Horusood .U.C

Ginba Orochi and Obelisk Odin .T.X

Ibuki Ukyo and Unlock Unicorn .D.N


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