Evil doesn't change. It just wears a new face.


Spencer (セルゲイ Sergei) is a character in the Original Series, consisting of Beyblade and Beyblade: G-Revolution. He is a member of the Blitzkrieg Boys.


He is the tallest member of the Blitzkrieg Boys.


He is generally a very quiet person. But when he speaks during battle, to his opponents, he speaks volumes. He is a competitive player and doesn't like to lose.


Spencer was trained and raised in the Abbey, along with Tala, Bryan, and Ian.


Beyblade: 2000

Beyblade: G-Revolution

In G-Revolution, Spencer almost made it to the team, and actually did for one or two days, until Kai decided to join the Blitzkrieg Boys.

After the training he had accepted to do with Kai and Bryan, Spencer collapsed from exhaustion.

Bryan later appears alongside Tala and Spencer to bring down Boris and BEGA. The trio easily defeats the BEGA water gang and face Garland next. Bryan and Spencer battle against Garland but dont stand a chance. The two lose and their beys are severely damaged by Apollon's Radian Thunder. They were not able to witness Tala's battle as they had collapsed soon after their own battle.

In the Japanese exclusive ending, he is seen with the rest of the Blitzkrieg Boys.


Spencer's received his Beyblade from Boris' organization. The original Seaborg was never shown in the anime as Spencer uses Seaborg 2. Seaborg 2 is a basic attack based blade that has a three-sided attack ring and a 8 wide weight disk.

Seaborg is shown when combined with it's bit beast it has an enormous advantage when paired with stadiums with water, with this edge it became powerful enough to defeat Kai.

In G-Revolution, Spencer is shown with Seaborg 2 but this time it has a larger blade base, presumably for the engine gear.


Beyblade: 2000
Opponent Episode Result
Max Tate (tag w/ Bryan) Episode 46 Win
Kai Hiwatari Episode 48 Win
Beyblade: G-Revolution
Opponent Episode Result
Tala G-Revolution Episode 07 Lose
Kai Hiwatari (tag w/ Bryan) Lose
BEGA Training Squad (tag w/ Tala & Bryan) G-Revolution Episode 35 Win
Garland Siebald (tag w/ Bryan) G-Revolution Episode 35 Lose



  • Spencer Attacking
  • Spencer & Bryan Attacking
  • Blitzkrieg Boyz at the End


  • Spencer's launcher is gun-shaped, like the rest of the team.
  • The name 'Sergei' is a common Russian/Bulgarian name. 'Spencer' is an English name meaning 'dispenser'. Contrarily to popular belief, Sergei has no official surname.

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