The Spin Gear is a part of the plastic generation of Beyblade. It determines which way a Beyblade will be able to spin, which can have a large effect on the outcome of a battle. Many different variations and updates to Spin Gears were released over the years, which allowed for various weights, bearings, and an “engine” to be encased within them.

A to F Series Spin Gears

Because the 4-Layer Series never technically had SGs (they were fixed in place by screws), these were the first SGs ever produced. Generally each SG has casings that surround a metal ring and the gear which is placed into the BB and held in place by the base clips. However, there are exceptions to this description

Right SG

as many different versions were released to accommodate different Beyblades.
  • Right Spin Gear

A SG that allows for right spin while using in combination with a right shooter. In a right-spin SG, two tabs (situated close to the right sides of the Spin Gear) would attach to the right-spin Shooter, allowing the Beyblade to be spun in a clockwise motion. It was first released in the A to F Series.

  • Left Spin Gear
A SG that allows for left spin while using in combination with a left shooter. The left-spin SG was designed very similarly to the

Left SG

right-spin SG, with the exception of the tabs. The tabs on a left-spin SG were situated opposite of the right-spin SG tabs, allowing a left-spin shooter to attach to them. In addition, the left-spin tabs extended out slightly farther than the right-spin tabs, disallowing the usage of a right-spin Shooter on with a left-spin SG, and vice-versa. It was first released with Dragoon S.
  • Parts of a Spin Gear

The SG’s other purpose was to hold the entire Beyblade together. On the bottom of each SG, a star-shaped piece fitted into the inside of a Beyblade’s Blade Base. The piece would hold the SG in place along with the sides of the SG, which attached to the tabs on the Base.

The Weight Disk was also able to be set onto the SG using these tabs, which held the WD in place.

Left SG vs. Right SG. Note the differences

Finally, a small recession towards the top of the SG allowed for the tabs on the inside of an Attack Ring to be screwed into place. For right-spin SG, the AR would be turned counter-clockwise to be held into place, and vice-versa for a left-spin SG.

Within each SG, a small metal ring added some weight and balance to the Beyblade. The metal alloy also held the star-shaped piece onto the rest of the SG.

Specialized SGs

SG Gallery

V and V2 Series Spin Gears

Neo Right SG with MG CoreThis is the second generation of SGs, first released in the V Series of Beyblades. They no longer use the metal ring seen in the

Neo Right SG with MG Core

original SGs, instead, they feature different weights. Three different weights were released: Metal Weight Core, Magnetic Core, and Heavy Metal Core (Takara Metal Driger), with MW being the lightest, and the HMC the heaviest.

Two Magnacore/MG Core (Magnetic) types were released: A “South Pole” version (which was red in color), and a “North Pole” version (which was blue in color). Both weighed the same, but had different movement patterns when used with the Magnacore Stadium (which used South Pole Magnets). A “South Pole” MG Core would repel from a magnet, making movement erratic,

Magnacore System21:49

Magnacore System

while a “North Pole” MG Core would attract to the statdium magnet, in a defensive style.

The Metal Weight Core (abbreviated “MW Core”) was an alternate, non-magnetic spin gear that comes with many of the Takara beyblades. Hasbro replaced it with MG cores on most of their beyblades. The MW Core was lighter than the MG Core, acting very similar to original Spin Gear.

In addition to the MW Core there was the Neo-Spin Gear ("Neo-SG"). This was the lightest version of the V-Series SG, with a plastic cylinder replacing the metal cylinder used in the MW Core.

Finally, there was the Heavy Metal Core (“HMC”). The HMC was the heaviest version of the V-series Spin Gears, weighing at 9 grams. This heavy weight allowed for use in compact and defensive Beyblades. For more information, please see the Takara Metal Driger article.

  • Neo Left SG (Metal Weight, MG Core, HMC Versions)

An upgraded version of the Left SG, it can hold a Metal Weight, Magnetic, or Heavy Metal Core.

  • Neo Right SG (Metal Weight, MG Core, HMC Versions)

An upgraded version of the Right SG, it can hold a Metal Weight, Magnetic, or Heavy Metal Core.

Specialized Neo SGs


  • Neo SG + Heavy Metal Core: 9 grams
  • Neo SG + MG Core: 6 grams
  • Neo SG + Metal Weight Core: 5 grams

The added weight of either the MW, MG, or HMC is particularly useful for compact customizations; the weight being added in focused in the centre, which will help increase it’s spin velocity. In defense combinations, it will decrease their mobility, making them harder to move and more sturdy. Almost any Beyblade type can benefit from these SG cores.

Also see Magnecore for more information.

Neo SG Gallery

G and GT Series Spin Gears

The G and GT Series introduced an entirely new type of SG, and that is the Engine Gear. The EG was a complex evolution to the Spin Gear System.

Engine Gear

Being the largest SG system thus far, it was only usable in certain EG Blade Bases. The EG acted as both the Spin Gear and Blade Base in some respects, with the tip of the Beyblade being attached to the EG. You use the Turbo Winder to wind up an EG before a battle starts and it will be activated at a certain point in that battle to give your Beyblade and extra burst of spin power. There is four types of EG activation rates, they are:First Clutch (immediate release), Middle Clutch (release part-way through the battle), Final Clutch (release towards end of the battle), and No Clutch (steady release throughout battle).

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