A close up of Stuart

Stuart (known as Suzuka, in the Japanese version) is one of five members of the Blade Sharks, along side Carlos, Trevor, Casey and Kai. He stands out for his feminine appearance and Visual Kei fashion, and is easily recognisable for his purple hair and beauty spot. Stuart was one of the more talkative members of the team, along side Carlos, and showed more initative than Trevor and Casey; he lead a plot to trap Tyson in the team's hangout (an abbandonned warehouse), by kidnapping Kenny  and taking Kenny's Laptop in order to gain information on Tyson's Beyblade. He also tended to gang up on others with the rest of the Blade Sharks.

Kenny, Held captive by Casey and Trevor, whilst Stuart attempts to Hack Dizzi


Stuart's Beyblade

He prefered beyblading with Trevor and Casey to playing alone, because the trio were able to perform a special maneuver together. As such, he was rarely seen separatley from the others, which also aided him in appearing stronger, and being able to intimidate others. However, even when supported by his friends, he was still easily intimidated by Kai.


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