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MFB SuperAttackStadium


The Super Attack Type Stadium is a Beyblade Stadium for Attack-Type Beyblades. It is like an upgrade of the Attack Type Stadium and was released on June 20, 2009 in Japan.


The Super Attack Type Stadium is a blue Stadium with a diameter of 15 inches. It has a flower-like design for Attack-Type Beyblades to use as their advantage by giving Attack-Types fast and aggresive movement. The inner circle of the flower-like design traps Stamina-Type Beyblades so Attack-Types can hit them. It has three walls to keep Beys from escaping the Stadium.

Stamina Beyblades with tips such as S, ES, RS, BS, may get trapped in the inner circle of the flower like design. However, Attack beyblades, with tips such as RF, R2F, F, HF, LF, have an advantage in this stadium. One, they do not get caught in the inner circle trap, and the flower like design allows them to swoop down for the attack on any unfortunate stamina blades that happen to be trapped in the circle. Defense Beyblades have shown little/no disadvantages on this stadium. However, one must keep in mind that this stadium does not allow the attack type beys to circle the stadium like in the BB-10 Attack type stadium.

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