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Taraba is a Blader who once bullied Tetsuya Watarigani in his early years.


While Echizen and Tetsuya were friends, a big blader called Taraba wanted to battle the 'so-called' strong blader called 'Echizen'. He had never seen him before though. Once Echizen saw Taraba, he started to turn nervous, so Tetsuya took Echizen's place. Therefore, Taraba believed Tetsuya was Echizen, and he accepted the fight. Taraba defeated Tetsuya and also hurt him, but he was later beaten by the latter when he joined with the crabs. However, he did not die from being attacked by the crabs, seeing as he participated in part of Battle Bladers afterwards. He is again seen when all the Japanese bladers are bidding a goodbye to Team GanGan Galaxy.



  • Ironically, "Taraba" is a kind of Japanese crab.

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