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Team Chandora is India's representational team in Beyblade: Metal Masters. It is unknown if they had a substitute member on their team. They are the only team who do not make a comeback in Beyblade: Metal Fury.

Members & Beyblades

  • Salhan - Flame Serpent SW145F: Salhan is the skilled leader of Team Chandora. He trained on the streets of Bombay and became famous. His skills are referred to as the best in India and Salhan is a very proud blader because of it.
  • Vridick - Storm Serpent SW145SF: Vridick is a strong willed and loyal member of Team Chandora.
  • Aniel - Rock Serpent SW145WD: Aniel is the third member of Team Chandora who rarely gets to display his own beyblading skills.

Beyblade: Metal Masters

Team Chandora vs Team Wild Fang

In Team Chandora's second round in Big Bang Bladers they must face the African representational Team known as Team Wild Fang. Team Chandora is highly praised and recognized in India as the best in the world, and they take Team Wild Fang very lightly. Once the match up was decided a political press conference was called and Team Chandora was easily intimidated by a member of Team Wild Fang, known only as the Masked Bull. Angered with the opposing team, Team Chandora promised a win for their country, and to win Big Bang Bladers period.

In the first match Vridick of Team Chandora would face Nile of Team Wild Fang. Vridick would be easily defeated to everyone's surprise. Team Leader Salhan then decided to earn a win immediately, and decided to face the opposing team leader, Kyoya Tategami. Salhan was able to hold his own at the start, but when Kyoya released a glimpse of his real abilities Salhan was defeated and Team Chandora was eliminated from Big Bang Bladers.


  • Each member's Beyblade has a Serpent Face Bolt, a Serpent Energy Ring, and a SW145 Spin Track.
  • All of them have abnormally huge eyes and wear similar outfits.

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