Team Psykick are a team featured in the Original Series, consisting of Beyblade: V-Force.


The team is owned by a beyblade corporation called Zagart Industries. A member of Team Psykick is usually referred to as a Psykick or a group of bladers Psykicks. The main antagonists are led by Gideon, and have Doctor B as their main instructor. However, the true owner of the company is Dr. Zagart.

The goal of Team Psykick was to capture the four sacred spirits, or "Bit-Beasts", from the world champion Beyblading team, the Bladebreakers. They initially selected handpicked bladers to steal the Bit-Beasts away, but soon change tactics to challenging the Bladebreakers to matches. the first real challenge involved taking the Bladebreakers to an isolated island off the coast of Japan. Later, Team Psykick started developing a new technology: the Cyber Bitbeasts, which are cybernetic recreations of the four sacred bit-beasts created to be as powerful as the original ones, so they can be captured.


Member Image Beyblade Role Status
Dr. Zagart Professor Zagart N/A Leader Retired
Gideon Gideon N/A Overseer Killed
Doctor B DoctorB N/A Main Scientist Killed
Doctor K Dr.K N/A Scientist Fired
Kane Yamashita Kane5 Cyber Dragoon Leader of The Psykicks Retired
Salima Salima 1 Cyber Driger Member of The Psykicks Retired
Jim Jim Cyber Draciel Member of The Psykicks Retired
Goki Gokismirk Cyber Dranzer Member of The Psykicks Retired
Zeo Zagart Zeo Tyronix
Burning Kerberous
Leader of Team Zagart Retired
Gordo Gordo Orthros G Member of Team Zagart Unknown
Chameleon Chameleonsmile N/A Original Member Defeated by Max
Dark Emperor Bat Bat Batranzer Original Member Defeated by Ray
Figel Figel N/A Original Member Defeated by Kai
Daryl Daryl Water Treader Original Member Defeated by Tyson
Foxy Foxy Wildfox
Wildfox 2
Member of the Harassment Team Defeated by Ray
Net Net Phantom Spider Member of the Harassment Team Defeated by Tyson
Jack Jack Sickle Weasel Member of the Harassment Team Defeated by Kai
Dennis Dennis Tyranno Member of the Harassment Team Indirectly defeated due to Mariam's interference
Denny Denny Klarken Member of the Harassment Team Defeated by Ray and Zeo
Snakey Snakey Metal Cutter Custom Member Defeated by Tyson
Gerry Gerry Cyber Dragoon Test Version Member Went Insane
Wyatt Smithwright Wyatt Face Cyber Dranzer Test Version Member Went Insane (Killed in original version)


Beyblade: V-Force

The Bladebreakers are taken to an isolated building in an unknown place to fight the Psykicks. Together with them, there’s Mr. Dickenson, Kenny, Hilary and the Saint Shields, who are trying to protect the sacred Bitbeasts. Only Max's Draciel is taken by an insane Jim, the other Psykicks’ members are defeated by Ray, Kai and Tyson. After this match, both Gideon and Dr. B are killed in the building’s collapse and Max gets his Draciel back.

Gideon perceived Zagart's motives for capturing the bit-beasts was world domination, but due to his deat, he doesn't realize it is all to turn Zagart's son, Zeo, into a human. After Team Psykick is disbanded, Zagart takes actions into his own hands with his own group of scientists. Now he employs Dr. K, who stole a sacred rock which possesses a number of powerful bitbeasts. Dr. K secretly removes some bitbeasts with the help of her assistant, in order to capture the sacred bitbeasts, but she fails. Both are fired when Dr. Zagart comes to know the truth, and they now recruit the King & Queen.

In the meanwhile, Dr. Zagart reveals the truth to his son, telling him that he is not human, and only the power of the four bitbeasts will make it possible for him to become a human being. This makes Zeo turn against Tyson and his friends. After taking control of the most powerful bitbeast of the rock, Cerberus, he joins Gordo, another skilled player of the Team Psykick, and both enter the world championship.

There, they surprisingly defeat Ozuma and Dunga. Then, they face Ray and Kai. Ray and Gordo’s match ends in a tie. The game between Zeo and Kai is true spectacle, and the beyblades even go out of the stadium to ride the arena. However, Kai is defeated in the end and is unable stop Cerberus capturing Dranzer. In the final match, Tyson defeats Gordo, and Zeo captures Draciel after a hard fight. In the beginning of the fight, Tyson’s attacks hit Zeo, whose arm is injured, revealing metal-pieces, cables and circuits under his skin. It is finally revealed that Zeo is a robot. The battle keeps on going, and Zeo combines the power of Cerberus, Draciel and Dranzer to defeat Tyson, however, he fails, and is defeated, putting an end to the Team Psykick. Dranzer and Draciel are then returned to Kai and Max.





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