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Biographical information
Gender Male
Current Beyblade(s) Death Quetzalcoatl 125RDF
Friends Yu Tendo ,Kyoya Tategami & Dynamis
Rivals Aguma,Yu Tendo and Kyoya Tategami
Enemies Rago
Occupation(s) Legendary Beyblader (Solar System: Venus)
Behind the scenes
First anime appearance The Lion In the the Wilderness
Seiyū Satomi Arai
English voice actor Amera Atiyeh

Tithi (ティティ, Texitexi ) (Orignal: Titi) is a main character of the Anime and Manga series, Beyblade: Metal Fury.

He is a Legend Blader, specifically a Solar System Blader, representing the planet Venus. His ancestor first appeared in a flashback in The Legend of Nemesis' Revival, but made his official appearance in the 4D episode,The Lion Going Into the Wilderness and his Beyblade is Death Quetzalcoatl 125RDF.

Physical Appearance


In the anime, Tithi has a Mesoamerican look, which relates to his Beyblade Death Quetzalcoatl, being based on a Mesoamerican deity. Tithi has purple hair with three pink pigtails. He appears to be very short and wears a beige poncho with a green line and white circles and tassels around the bottom. On his poncho, he can use adjustable strings to tighten or loose his collar to his favor. Tithi also wears a pair of beige boots, and tends to wear a Mesoamerican mask with headdress. Tithi has darkish brown skin and appears to wear the same headpiece as his ancestor who owned Death Quetzalcoatl originally. The head piece seems to have a little design on it that's similar to Gingka's Pegasis design in the 4D. He has light blue eyes, and bears yellow face paint under each of them.


Tithi's Ancestor (like all other Solar System Blader Ancestors) appears very similar to the anime version of Tithi, except he does not have three pink pigtails and he wears gold armor with a white cape like all the others and he doesnt wear a huge mask.
Tithi's ancestor

Tithi's ancestor launching his bey


Tithi looks vastly different than his ancestor compared to the rest of the Solar System Bladers. He appears to be clad in a magician-like attire with a long triangular purple hat with red highlights. He has a long green coat, with a yellow undershirt, with small objects on them. He has bulky long sleeves with a giant brown staff of some kind. Tithi also has paint on both cheeks.


Tithi is portrayed as a very shy person. He was thought to be a "monster" because of his mask, but he is really a shy person. He was scared when Kyoya and Yu were chasing him and had never seemed to have a friend before, because of his scary mask, but then he made friends with Yu and Kyoya. He was actually alot like Yu. Despite his shyness, Tithi is a very powerful Blader, being a Legend Blader at that he enjoys. He, like Yu can very childish, jumping up and down and waving with his arms (in his battle with Yu). But overall he is a shy and a very powerful Beyblader. He, like Yu, also likes to call Kyoya "Yo-Yo".

Beyblade: Metal Fury


Tithi's Beyblade, Death Quetzalcoatl, was passed down to him from his ancestor. In the past, Tithi tried to have battles with other fellow Bladers but they were scared away due to Tithi's mask. Titi also ate the food from the Bladers he scared off because of his mask.

The Monster

While Kyoya and and Yu were the looking for the monster that they had undertaken the extermination of, they decide to have a battle which Tithi interrupts. They think that it is the monster and they manage to corner him in a labyrinth where Tithi was trying to lose them. It is then revealed that the monster was just a big misunderstanding because Tithi wore a mask and lived in the mountains because he was shy and when he went down to the village to beybattle, the locals thought it was a monster because he was always stealing the food of the villagers. Tithi then confirms that he takes the food to eat and goes back up to the mountain where he lives. Yu then challenges Tithi to a battle which he accepts.

The battle begins and Yu seems to have the upper hand on many occasions but Tithi easily overcomes Yu's most powerful special moves. Kyoya then wonders wether Tithi could be the legendary blader of Venus because he posseses Death Queatzalcoatl which has told to Kyoya and the others by Dynamis. Meanwhile Yu calls out his special move, Final Inferno Blast because he sees no other way to win but Tithi uses his own special move, Ishtar Impact which defeats Yu.

Kyoya's suspicions are then confirmed and he challeneges Tithi to a battle but Tithi says that he doesn't want to but Kyoya still forces him to do so. Tithi is unwilling and keeps on taking all of his attacks so Kyoya decides to end it with his special move, King Lion Crushing Fang but Yu intervenes and convinces Kyoya that its no point to fight an opponent who isn't fighting back. Yu later alerts Gingka and the others that they have found a legendary blader.

Nemesis' Revival

Afterwards he goes with Yu and Kyoya to the Mayan ruins where Nemesis is being revived. He takes the place of Yuki who was battling Aguma and he faces Aguma instead. He is able to counter all of Aguma's moves and in the end is able to take the match. He then later goes on ahead where he witnesses Proto Nemesis, Zeus' Barrier and the birth of Diablo Nemesis.


Yu Tendo

After their first battle with Tithi defeating him, Tithi and Yu seemed to have grown a friendship between themselves. Yu despite losing, appeared to have fun and did not care whether he won or not. Yu even intervened in Tithi and Kyoya's battle as he did not want to see Tithi struggle by himself. Overall, they both are overly enthusiastic friends and seem to have much fun when they're together.

Kyoya Tategami

Tithi has shown not to like Kyoya due to Kyoya's mean and straight forward demeanor. Tithi has said multiple times in the series he really dosen't like Kyoya. He dosen't like Kyoya so much that he dosen't want to be alone around him as shown when he begged Yu to stay with him while he was with Kyoya.

Legendary Bladers

Tithi has been shown to like the other Legendary bladers(except Kyoya)and every since he has met them he hasn't been as shy as he was during his first few appearences on the series.


Opponent Outcome
Dashan Wang Win
Beyblade: Metal Fury
Yu Win
Kyoya (Tag w/ Yu Tendo) No Outcome
Aguma Win
Rago (Tag w/ Legendary Bladers,Masamune Kadoya,Yu Tendoand Tsubasa Otori ) Lost
Nemesis(Tag w/Legendary Bladers(no Gingka),Masamune Kadoya,Yu Tendo   and Tsubasa Otori Lost
Win Percentage 50%


Death Quetzalcoatl 125RDF: Tithi's one and only Beyblade, representing the ancient Mesoamerican deity.

Special Moves

Ishstar Impact-

Ascent Spark-The Bey glows summoning the Beast which starts to circle rapidly and lungest at the other Bey, squeezing the Beast. Then Quetzacoatl is lunged exerting power by spinning sideways on top of the opponent's Bey.


  • Currently, Tithi is the only Legendary Blader that has two special moves (Ishstar Impact and Ascent Spark).
  • Many fans originally thought Tithi was a female, but it's now proven Tithi is a male.
  • It appears that Tithi's personality changes when he battles.
  • Tithi has a similar personality like Yu. (e.g. both enjoys battling).
  • Tithi has a habit of saying 'gen' at the end of every one of his sentences.
  • He was first known as a monster in his town.
  • Tithi's name could possibly be based off the river Titicaca in South America.
  • Tithi is the shortest of the Legend Bladers.
  • Tithi so far has never lost a single battle, not even once. However, he was eliminated from the final battle against Rago.
  • Tithi is Japanese for "Luminous" , it is a reference to his bey Death Quetzalcoatl.
  • Hasbro realeased Death Quetzalcoatl 125SF in the FX Sparks Series.
  • Tithi is the youngest of the Legendary Bladers.
  • Tithi has the highest win percentage out of all the legendary bladers





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