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Zero-G: Synchrom + Anime/Manga news

~Mana~ March 15, 2012 User blog:~Mana~

Further details on Zero-G have surfaced in the April Issue of CoroCoro, with thanks to the WBO for confirmation on some translations.

Final Zero-G System Name

The plastic wheel in the system has finally been titled as the "Crystal Wheel", finally completing the names of each section of the system. The Face Bolt has also been renamed as "Stone Face" and now sports a Octagonal Shape, with Metal Versions representing elements arriving in June.


Zero-G features a new mechanic named "Synchrom". This process involves wheels being switched out, and replaced with opposite types. For example, in the combo Samurai Ifraid W145CF, the Samurai Crystal Wheel can be switched out for the Salamander Chrome Wheel, creating "Salamander Ifraid W145CF". You can alternate these wheels, putting Ifraid underneath Salamander if you wish, creating "Ifraid Salamander". This is considered a Mode Change.


Series Synopsis

The series synopsis has been revealed:

Zero Kurogane, the new protagonist who looks up to Ginga Hagane and aims to become the strongest Blader, is the No. 1 Blader who remains undefeated on his home turf. In order to test his own strength, Zero arrived at the town where Ginga and his friends were, but Ginga wasn't there and champion Bladers who aim at becoming the strongest Blader of tomorrow had gathered.

Straightaway, Zero starts to battle with them, but he wasn't used to dealing with the Zero-G Stadium, which wasn't in his hometown, so it was a tough fight for him... However, with his natural guts and instinct, Zero understands the walkthrough methods and heads towards victory.

As such, will the champion Bladers stand in Zero's way one after the other?!

—TV Tokyo

The Logo for the anime has been revealed.




Three new characters have been revealed, appearing as friends to Zero Kurogane

  • Shinobu Hiryuuin - Owner of Shinobi Salamander SW145SD in the Manga. Fire Element Blader. Seen on the right in the picture, wearing a red coat.
  • Kaito Unabara - Eito's sibling. Water Element Blader (TBC). Unclear which he is in the picture.
  • Eito Unabara - Kaito's sibling. Water Element Blader (TBC). Unclear which he is in the picture.


Not much news from the Manga. "Zero-G: Chapter One" debuted in CoroCoro. In it, Zero battled Shinobu, and also met a grown-up Kenta Yumiya (seemingly around 17/18), who informed Zero that Gingka is abroad doing "something".

That's all from me for now, stay tuned for the next update.

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