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}} VariAres D:D (ヴァリアレスD:D, Variaresu D:D) is a Defense-Type Beyblade released as part of the 4D System. Although it consists of only two pieces (besides the Face Bolt), it was made to be the Beyblade with the most possible modes. It was first released in Japan on July 16th 2011 as a Starter for 1365¥. Hasbro released this Beyblade as a lessened, Metal Fury equivalent, Variares 145WB.

Face Bolt: VariAres

Main article: Face Bolt - VariAres

Face Bolt - VariAres

4D Metal Wheel: VariAres

Main article: 4D Metal Wheel - VariAres

4D Metal Wheel - VariAres

4D Bottom: Delta Drive

Main article: 4D Bottom - D:D

4D Bottom - D:D

Other Versions

  • VariAres D:D Mars Red Ver. – CoroCoro Magazine (Red)
  • VariAres D:D Phantom Blue Ver. - CoroCoro Magazine (Blue)
  • VariAres - WBBA G4 Prize (Gun Metallic)
  • VariAries 145WB - Hasbro Metal Fury


VariAres quickly found its home in Smash Attack customs, however it has since been outclassed by Flash and Wyvang, among others. The mechanism within D:D is an improvement over the classic Flame Change Base, but like Flame Change Base, it is almost as useless competitively. Therefore, this Beyblade should only be considered if all preferred alternatives cannot be purchased, or for collection purposes.


VariAres D:D (regular)

VariAres WBBA Exclusive Colour (purple)

Other pictures


  • Variares D:D is the first 4D three-layer Bey to be produced, Face, Wheel, Track/Bottom.
  • Variares is the second Metal Saga Beyblade to be multidirectional. The first was Gravity Destroyer AD145WD.
  • Also,Variares and Gravity Destroyer AD145WD both have a relation as Mars or Mars Ultor is Ares' Roman counterpart,and Destroyer/Perseus is Mars' half brother in Roman mythology,justifying Madoka's belief
  • There could be a rubber variant of the D:D tip. Flat =Rubber Flat, Wide Ball =Rubber Ball, and Sharp =Rubber Sharp.
  • There could also be a metal variant of the D:D tip. Fla t=Metal Flat, Wide Ball =Metal Ball, and Sharp =Metal Sharp
  • Technically, one could illegally modify the Variares Fusion Wheel to have an internalized Track. Preferably 145 can fit into the loose space. Due to the potential of breakage, this is not recommended.
  • Variares' beast looks similar to Gravity Destroyer AD145WD beast. It is possible they are closely related, being they are both from Europe, as their motifs also look similar. In fact, Madoka believed Variares to be the basis for Gravity Destroyer.
  • It was first thought that Variares would be stylized as "VariAres" or maybe even something like "Vari Ares"!
  • In the Manga, Variares's beast is completely different from the anime.
  • Because of how tall the D:D is, it is more easy for it to regain balance in sharp mode (despite how the Sharp series rarely get back up when knocked off balance), this way the metal wheel doesn't scrape the floor of the stadium.
  • In the anime, Variares never uses the Sharp tip.
  • Because it has no energy ring and has a 4D bottom, this bey can be made with only three parts.
  • Variares' Sharp tip can become a great tip, if used for a while it will become more dull and less sharply fined thus giving it much better balance and more agressive movement.
  • It is the first 4D Beyblade to have three tips in one. The second is Diablo Nemesis X:D.
  • This Bey can be considered also as a "Pre-HWS" Beyblade because it has no Clear Wheel.
  • In the anime, Variares stays in Attack Mode when it is not spinning. This doesn't occur in the real life, as it's only in Attack Mode when it is spinning.
  • Hasbro initially released Variares as Variares 145WB, with the mode change disabled to keep it in Defense mode. It was later released as Variares D:D with its mode change intact as part of the 4D Hyperblades series.
  • In the anime, it is classified as an attack type by Madoka.
  • Although classed as an Defense-Type, it performs more like an Attack-Type. But actually, It is more like a balance type.
  • Variares D:D by itself is the only 4D beyblade with the most mode changes, with 12 in all.
  • Variares's 4D Performance Tip, D:D, is the only mode changing tip were the flat tip does not have a hole.


The beast inside Variares in the anime is Ares/Mars, the Greek/Roman God of War. The weapons that his beast posseses are a sword and a shield, similar to the ones that Gravity Destroyer's beast has.

Variares Beast
Japanese Unknown
English Translation Unknown
English Dub Name Unknown
First Appearance (Anime) Metal Fury: episode 17
First Appearance (Manga) Ultimate Bladers, Chapter 3

Anime Special Moves

Ares Shield: King boosts up Variares's defense mode using the shield of Ares.

Sword of Ares: Ares' beast apears and slashes down with his sword.

King of Thunderstorms: King of Thunderstorms is King's first special move where Variares gains the power of Mars through a red lightning bolt and releases it through a slash from his sword.


Thanks to AkirasDaddy for the permission for this video.

Vari Ares D D Commercial00:16

Vari Ares D D Commercial

Variares D:D Commercial

Vari Ares05:53

Vari Ares

Variares D:D - by AkirasDaddy

Beyblade Legend 4D Guide BB-114 Variares Vari Ares D D05:06

Beyblade Legend 4D Guide BB-114 Variares Vari Ares D D. ベイブレード

Variares D:D Beyblade Legend 4D Guide

Beyblade Metal Fury - Variares 145WB (Hasbro) Unboxing03:40

Beyblade Metal Fury - Variares 145WB (Hasbro) Unboxing

(Hasbro) VariAres 145WB

Beyblade Metal Fury - Variaries (Hasbro) X Variares (TT) Battles04:13

Beyblade Metal Fury - Variaries (Hasbro) X Variares (TT) Battles

Hasbro Variares vs. Takara Variares

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