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Vulcan Horuseus 145D (バルカンホルセウス145D, Vulcan Horuseus 145D) is a Defense-Type Beyblade released as part of the Hybrid Wheel System. It was released in Japan on October 21st, 2010 as an exclusive Beyblade for purchasing the PlayStation Portable game Metal Fight Beyblade Portable: Chouzetsu Tensei! Vulcan Horuseus. It was later released as a standalone starter in western countries by Hasbro in 2011.

Face Bolt: Horuseus

Main article: Face Bolt - Horuseus
Face Bolt - Horuseus

Energy Ring: Horuseus

Main article: Energy Ring - Horuseus
Energy Ring - Horuseus

Light Wheel: Vulcan

Main article: Light Wheel - Vulcan
Light Wheel - Vulcan

Spin Track: 145

Main article: Spin Track - 145

145, along with its variants (C145, DF145, etc.), was once the highest Spin Track available, until the 230 Spin Track was released with Flame Byxis 230WD. It can be used in Stamina customs to great effect due to its tall height, which allows for more wobbling as the Beyblade loses its spin velocity. However, gimmick-paired Tracks such as BD145 have immensely outclassed their original bare variant, as have several taller gimmick Spin Tracks, against heavy, mid-height Attack customisations. Even in Stamina battles, 145 does not offer enough balance: Spin Tracks such as AD145 and WD145 provide a good center of gravity, and aid with a slight downforce to maintain stability.

Performance Tip: Defense (D)

Main article: Performance Tip - Defense
Performance Tip - Defense

Other Versions

  • Vulcan Horuseus 145D - (TRU exclusive - included in the Beyblade: Metal Masters Nintendo DS game with a Metal Face)
  • Vulcan Horuseus 145D - (Hasbro Metal Fury release, silver Fusion Wheel)
  • Vulcan Horuseus 145D - Faceoff: Mystic Zone (Blue)


Game and show


Although Vulcan was a formidable Metal Wheel in Attack Customizations for a time, the introduction of rubber-based Bottoms has since then nullified its effectiveness. Its other parts, 145 and D, are easily obtainable from more common Beyblades. There is little reason to purchase this Beyblade outside of collection purposes.



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