Lion Wild Wind Fang Dance (獅子風牙乱舞, Shishi Fuugarappu) is the third special move used by Kyoya Tategami and his Rock Leone 145WB.

Beyblade: Metal Fusion

Lion Wild Wind Fang Dance creates a tornado completely surrounding Leone inside an enormous wall of wind. Then, Leone and the wind funnel start to chase the opponent in a wild fashion. This move was created by Kyoya as a counter to Starblast Attack, a move that its predecessor, Lion Gale Force Wall, could not disable.

This attack can also be seen as the movable counterpart to Lion Gale Force Wall and the debris-less counterpart to Lion 100 Fang Fury.

Beyblade: Metal Masters

True Lion Wild Wind Fang Dance

True Lion Wild Wind Fang Dance

Lion Wild Wind Fang Dance was upgraded to True Lion Wild Wind Fang Dance during Kyoya's training. Kyoya debuted this move against Gingka showing Leone's new power.

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