Yoshie Kinomiya (木ノ宮良恵 Kinomiya Yoshie) is a minor character from the Bakuten Shoot Beyblade manga.

Personality & Characteristics

Yoshie is Kinomiya Takao and Kinomiya Hitoshi's mother and Tatsuya Kinomiya's wife. She passed away when Takao was very young. She must have been a very loving mother to Hiro and Tyson.


  • 'Yoshie' is a female Japanese name meaning 'fragrant branch/good bay'.
  • There was a scene taken out at the end of G-Revolution in episode 51, where Yoshie watches over her son Tyson battling with Brooklyn, standing next to her husband and Tyson's father Tatsuya Granger, and Tyson's soon-to-be wife and teacher.

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