Zarkan Island is a place whose inhabitants (minus Sala) are against beyblade. This place is also where a star fragment fell (Ryuga's star fragment to be exact).

A Not-So-Warm Welcome

The gang lands on this island because of Yuki's calculations. The island has an active volcano and pretty scenery. Soon, they arrive at the village. They are greeted by anger and people chucking stuff at them. They are unhappy and confused. When they try to figure out what to do, Gingka hears someone launching a bey. He turns around and spots a young girl launching an attack type Earth Fireblaze 145F towards an empty peach can. Her bey misses the can and loses its balance, sleeping out. The girl, looking defeated, declares she stinks and retrieves her Fireblaze.

The New Phoenix

The gang runs over to greet the girl, who is surprised and scared. The gang reassures her that they are bladers too; as Kenta holds up his Flame Sagittario C145S. The girl says her name is Sala. Madoka, seeing her bey, customizes it to improve its performance. Sala battles with Yuki and Kenta.

Draco's Vengeance

After the gang has dinner with Sala, they learn the person who got the star fragment is none other than the Dragon Emperor himself, Ryuga. Kyoya and Gingka both battle him, and are brutally defeated. Ryuga walks away, saying he won't help them. Yuki isn't willing to give up, though. Fueled by his promise to his grandfather, Yuki battles L-Drago Destructor F:S with all of his might. Though Yuki is defeated, the star fragment within his Mercury Anubius 85XF awakens, and Yuki becomes an official Legendary Blader. The gang leaves the island, saying goodbye to Sala and the others. When they get back to Japan, Kenta announces he feels useless to Gingka, and announces that he will go after RYUGA and make him fight on their side.