This is an article about Leon, Zeo's younger brother. For the article about the real Zeo Zagart, see Zeo Zagart (actual).

Zeo Zagart (ザガート レオン Zagāto Reon) is a recurring character in the Original Series, consisting of Beyblade: V-Force. He becomes a member of the Bladebreakers temporarily and later, Team Zagart. His Bit-Beast and Beyblade is Burning Kerberous.


Zeo is a boy with long and jagged turquoise hair, and darker turquoise eyes. As a child, he wore a plain magenta shirt with simple blue jean shorts and dark blue socks. Later on, he wears a white and purple suit with white gloves, and matching pants. Attached to his top and pants are four dark green and gold clasps, and he wears a dark green metallic attachment beneath his suit.



Beyblade: V-Force

When Tyson first meets Zeo, Zeo saves him from a four on one battle with the Saint Shields. Zeo is inexperienced, with a slight lack of confidence and a huge fan of Tyson. He becomes great friends with the Bladebreakers but when he learns that his father, Dr. Zagart, is the man who wants to steal the Bladebreakers' Bit-Beasts, his father reveals the truth to Zeo: he is a robotic duplicate of the real Zeo who died in an accident.

Zeo takes this very badly and decides that he will never be able to fit in with other kids and fears that Tyson and the others will reject him for being an android, so he announces to them that they are now enemies. His father provides him with a powerful Rock Bitbeast (from the stolen rock) called Cerberus. Zeo trains hard to control Cerberus and enters the tag team tournament with Gordo as his partner.

When he enters the tournament, he battles Ozuma and beats him badly to everyone's shock. Meanwhile, Kenny discovers a weird anomaly that occurs when Zeo battles. When Zeo battles Kai, he loses and Zeo steals Dranzer from him. Tyson confronts Zeo to try and find the kid he once knew and was friends with, but fails. In the final match he battles Max and wins unexpectedly by combining Cerberus's power with Dranzer and steals Draciel. He has to fight Tyson in the tie breaker match. During his battle with Tyson, part of his body short circuits and reveals to everyone that he is a machine. The battle ends with Tyson winning and Dranzer and Draciel being released. And after Tyson's encouragement Zeo learns to accept himself for what he is and stops trying to get the Bladebreakers Bit-Beasts. In the Japanese version, Zeo recognizes his potential as a robot and thanks his father for creating him.

Beyblade: G-Revolution

In the final ending of G-Revolution (a slide show revealing what happens to characters from other series), Zeo is seen with shorter hair, holding a violin and staring out a window while his Cerberus blade sits on a table.


In the manga, Zeo is actually a boy named Leon who is the younger brother of Zeo. The real Zeo was hit by a truck and died shortly after. He was trained by his father to believe that he was Zeo and battled Tyson to steal Dragoon, but was defeated and realized that he cannot live his life as the shadow of his older brother. Upon his defeat, he and his father leave together to live their true lives. In the Manga, Zeo is a skilled violin player.




In the anime, his original Beyblade is a custom built Beyblade called Zeronix, which was destroyed many times by Sickle Weasel and Clarken, two Bit-Beasts from the stolen rock. After finding about the truth about himself from his father, Cerberus becomes his Bit-Beast with the powerful attack: Chain Storm. It is a powerful magnacore Blade with a triple bladed Attack Ring and a slim Balancing type for control at high speeds. Burning Kerberous was a Bit-Beast from the Ancient Rock named Ceberus. Cerberus is an extremely powerful Bit-Beast. Cerberus' Attack is Chain Storm.


Beyblade: V-Force
Opponent Episode Result
Saint Shields (Tag w/ Tyson) Episode 30 Win
Anonymous Beyblader Episode 31 Win
Tyson Granger Episode 32 Lose
Tyson Granger Episode 32 Draw
Tanner Conner's Partner Episode 33 Win
Net (tag w/ Tyson) Episode 34 Win
Denny (tag w/ Ray) Episode 35 Win
Tanner Conner's Partner Episode 41 Win
Gordo Episode 42 Lose (various times)
Gordo Episode 43 Draw
Preliminary Beyblader Episode 44 Win
Ozuma Episode 45 Win
Kai Hiwatari Episode 48 Win
Max Tate Episode 50 Win
Tyson Granger Episode 51 Lose


  • Four against one isn't fair!
  • Everyone, just leave me alone! just leave me alone! From now on, we're enemies, you got that? Forget that you even met me! 
  • And the next time we met, We'll be in battle, Tyson!
  • Listen to me, Tyson. The Zeo you knew before could never be a champion. So don't think of me as a friend if you want to protect Dragoon.



  • The 3 colors on Ceberus' blade (blue, green, and red) all seem to represent the colors of the 3 Bit-Beasts he battled (Dragoon, Draciel, and Dranzer).
  • Zeo Zagart shares the name "Zeo" with Metal Masters character, Zeo Abyss. Also Zeo Abyss was affiliated with Hades Inc., while Zagart's Beyblade is Cerberus.
  • Zeo strongly resembles Ponzu from the anime Hunter x Hunter because they both have long turquoise hair and turquoise eyes.
  • Zeo's story bears resemblance to that of Astro Boy, where Dr. Tenma created Astro Boy after his deceased son.
  • Zeo attended the Beyblade School Phoenix.
  • He gets violin lessons from his butler but does not seem to like it.
  • Zeo is the only character in the world of Beyblade who is a robot.
  • At the end of Beyblade-V Force there seems to be a happy ending between him and his father.